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    How to make a propeller driven aircraft go really fast ?

    What are you surprised at? Vigilant1 is right. Weight has little effect on top speed. Takeoff and landing speeds are highly dependent on weight.
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    Longeron orientation and strength

    1. Center of lift from the wing when the center of gravity is in front of the center of lift. 2. At the center of gravity, if the center of gravity is behind the center of the wing's lift.
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    The aerodynamic force Y will create a moment M. The moment M is held by the forces F. The forces F bend the hinges and break the rivets. The hinges are not installed correctly. The hinges should be installed along the wing skin.
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    The aerodynamic force will create a moment that breaks the hinges from the "flaps". Internal rivets are useless. The loop itself will bend and break away from the "flaps".
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    This is not the correct hinge attachment. They will bend.
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    3-tube empennage

    You don’t have to do anything with the wing! The force directed forward along the chord of the profile, with the maximum angle of attack of the wing, is several times greater than the tension force of the cables.
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    Vertical tail question

    Centering has nothing to do with it. After the rearrangement of the wing, aerodynamic leveling is violated. The plane began to fly with a glide. There are two ways to remove glide: - the angle of deviation of the ailerons - deflect the rudder. To keep the pedals level, tilt the aileron in the...
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    Vertical tail question

    How much lead do you have to put in the nose of the aircraft when lengthening and weighting the tail boom? By reducing the angle of attack of the wing, you will reduce the Mz of the wing. This will reduce the angle of horizontal tail. However, this will decrease the angle of attack during...
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    Badland F2 kit

    It is impossible to make a spring from carbon fiber. Carbon fiber has a high modulus of elasticity and low elongation. Therefore, it has low energy absorption. The largest energy absorption of fiberglass. Only you need to choose the right thickness and width. Poor manufacturing technology will...
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    Vertical tail question

    When you rearranged the wing, you violated the aerodynamics of the left and right side of the wing. The left and right parts of the wing you now have different lift and resistance. Therefore, your plane has a glide. Your trimmer is small. It looks like a flap of Garney. Your tail is fine.
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    Vertical tail question

    Place the trimmer on the aileron and do nothing else.
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    Vertical tail question

    Symmetrical geometrically or aerodynamically?