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    This flying car flies fine

    That gives me an idea, what if I could make my Dodge truck transform into a Helicopter, that would eliminate the runway problem. Hmmmm ! Nahhhhh, forget it. Bob
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    How many airplanes do we need?

    As I've read many times on this forum, decide on your mission. After stopping the build process on a CH-701 because it was getting in the way of other things that NEEDED to be done, I realized, I just want to fly. Short trips, by myself, with a friend, just flying without breaking the bank. I...
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    .50 Caliber Browning Guns

    Ok, now we want video and audio !
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    Laser cut 6061-T6 ? or use a router ???

    I have a small router table, probably about 16 or 18 inches square and sandwiched the rib blanks inbetween the rib form blocks and routed them. Seems like I did two or maybe three at a time, .016 material.
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    Laser cut 6061-T6 ? or use a router ???

    Cut all the ribs for a CH-701 with a router and used a flapper wheel on a drill motor to debur and smooth the edges. Worked great ! I chucked the flapper wheel in the drill press and held a scrap piece of aluminum to it in two places to cut groove, then debured the ribs. Bob
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    Dream workshop?

    On a similar note, years ago I wanted to build an underground house, couldn't get a loan or insurance, because it's different. Same thing when I wanted to build a Hexadome, too unconventional, even though it's stronger, will support more load and resist wind better and has 1/3 less exterior...
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    IPad/ Foreflight

    Well we don't have a dog so I dodged that, lol ! Maybe I get some cred 'cause I'm 15 years older than she is and for the most part, she gets her way because I'm like, whatever you think babe, it's ok with me. Bob
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    Dream workshop?

    Ok Jay, I want to see some pictures of your set up !
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    EAA Sport Aviation vs. LAA Light Aviation (October 2020)

    I'm pretty much like the rest of y'all, the last two SP magazines are sitting on a table, untouched, unread, I haven't even thumbed through them to see any pictures. Also, wondering if the $5.00 savings to get into A/V is worth the membership cost, although I want to support EAA and GA, I know...
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    IPad/ Foreflight

    My co-owner in the 150 also instructs in a Cub and said if the Stratux goes out, the ipad W/Cellular would be a good back up. So my wife ordered the Ipad mini W/Cellular and is having the same engraving put on it. Yep, she gets a good foot massage! Bob
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    IPad/ Foreflight

    My wife gave me a new ipad 10.2 for my birthday last week, I use it for Foreflight. What I wanted was an ipad mini, the cockpit of a Cessna 150 is pretty tight and since I haven't gotten down to my target weight of 190 lbs, I need all the space I can get. She graciously offered to take the 10.2...
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    What are you designing, building, flying or interested in?

    Would like to see some pictures.
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    Most Beautiful Aircraft Ever Built

    Oh, it got my vote early on!
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    What are you designing, building, flying or interested in?

    My 701 project was from scratch, I really enjoyed it but I got old and decided to fly instead of build. Bob
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    What are you designing, building, flying or interested in?

    I checked into that a couple of years ago with UPS, it was expensive. I haven't checked with other carriers but it may be worth my time. It sure would be nice to have just some clothes and a cooler to pack. Bob