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    seeking info on HKS -700i and -800

    A while ago on HKS's Facebook page popped up images and words about their developments, an injected -700 of 70hp: ...and an injected -800i model...
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    running cylinders off rear location of full case?

    Thank you, Dan. That's what I was wondering as well. An earlier response said everything inside is cut but then I didn't understand how any accessory on the back would work in that scenario. The whole internal kit would have to remain, so if anything, the penalty would be the weight for any of...
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    running cylinders off rear location of full case?

    I know the 1/2 option can be with a full case or cut, but if I ran a full case, and ran the cylinders off the rear portion instead of the traditional front half, I would conceivably have two bearings working in my favor forward of the pistons at work and before the prop flange. The...
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    prop shaft extension on half-VW?

    Is there any reason, besides constant checks of balance, that a half Vw can't run a prop extension like the F1 cassutts ? (not as long, say half as long) Given the front exiting exhaust, a decent aero cowl is only a few inches of extension away.
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    Seeking more info on the Lishak LW-02

    Looks like a nice project, but I believe the front end of the canopy is in the wrong location to minimize pressure area interference. I think it should have been delayed to the same location as the thickest part of the wing. In the computer drawn images, it appears to start at the leading edge...
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    Seeking more info on the Lishak LW-02

    Don January, Looks correct to me, like a form of KR-1 build style. TFF, thank you very much for that link, I was able to use the 3-view picture and interpolate the other dimensions I see and use the numbers to figure out the other German on the 3-view and see how it was designed. It looks like...
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    Seeking more info on the Lishak LW-02

    Lischak, sorry...This is the plane that holds the distance records of C-1a/0 (under 300kg takeoff weight) The info I have found on it so far is only size and weight specific but I would really like to know more about how it was built. Was it a purely wood design or were there ore composites used...