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    Looking for an aerodynamic model (polar) of the F-84F Thunderstreak

    Thanks for the tips! I found one useful report on the NASA report server: NACA RM L57E17 'Time-history Data of Maneuvers Performed by a Republic F-84F Airplane During Squadron Operational Training'. It contains data of a few LABS manouevers, and it's roughly what I was trying to analyze myself...
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    Looking for an aerodynamic model (polar) of the F-84F Thunderstreak

    I'm looking for an aerodynamic model (polar) of the F-84F Thunderstreak. Does anyone know of one in the public domain? Previously I found one of the F-104A, in a NACA report, and one of the BQM-34A target drone in an AF report. And for my Me 163B website I found a few too: Me 163B polars I...
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    Skin Panel Bending References - Anything beyond Roark's?

    I hear you! This is one of the aircraft engineering questions that I never found a good answer to. I was once involved in the design of a solar car, with large sandwich panels, say 1 x 1 meter. The car had a space frame, so the air load you describe was the main load for the body's sandwich...
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    Abbott Baynes Flea

    'Flying Flea - Henri Mignet's Pou-du-Ciel' by Arthur Ord-Hume has some information on pages 45-47: "However, a major problem was now found to be the relatively high stick forces required to move the wing. This was overcome by providing lead counterweights fix to cranked arms attached to the...
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    Wing attach bolts in tension

    I have one to contribute: the Pander D mini-plane from the early thirties. It had inverted U-bolts for the main and rear spars, on either side of the cocpit. On the top of the wing you could see the nuts, four on each side. Here's a hi-res photo that you can zoom in: 2161_027580, Bovenaanzicht...
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    Does a Rotax 586 exist?

    I'm researching the General Atomics Gnat 750, the UAV from around 1990 that can be seen as the predecessor of the Predator. Only a few were built, and the available data is very limited. Usually the Rotax 532 and 582 are reported to be installed, and I can find plenty on these engines: spare...
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    BD-5A/B factory engines study

    The sailplane article would be 'BD-5S - at last a BD-5 with no engine problems', text by Peter Lert and photos by Dave Noland, Air Progress June 1975. If anyone has anything on the sailplane (N504BD), please let me know! Rob
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    BD-5A/B factory engines study

    Yeah, that one made me laugh out loud! Would it be possible to replicate that calculation? My first stumbling block is the surface area of the fuselage. Maybe someone has a 3D CAD model of the fuselage, that could give us that number? Rob
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    BD-5A/B factory engines study

    Jon, thanks for responding! I traced back the webpage where I found the photos, and added source data to the photos. I hope you don't mind me using them. The webpage initially was just a research page, not intended for publication. But when the thread 'BD-5 - Why is it so engrained in our...
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    Long EZ wing design / construction

    I'm pretty sure that Rutan used UND in the wing skins specifically to avoid overlaps, that one would have to make if using BID. That would ruin aerodynamics. Rob
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    rear spar bending load

    Huh? 'Clamped beam' or 'clamped boundary condition' is a standard English word used in structural analysis. Actually I don't even know of another word to describe it. Therefore I used 'clamped rear spar' to describe a continuous rear spar at the root, or one that has such a connection to the...
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    rear spar bending load

    Sorry for the delayed reply - I had to find time to study and think about your extensive explanation carefully. Again, I follow you completely. I've done most of the calculations you describe for fairly large UAV wings, with a 3000 N / 6000 lb limit load. My calculated deflections agreed well...
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    BD-5 - Why is it so engrained in our psyches?

    TFF and BoKu, thanks for your responses. I ordered the plans (or actually: made the donation) yesterday and downloaded the 244 MB PDF. First impressions: professional drawings and instructions, but wow, what a load of work for an amateur builder. A real pity they did not scan a clean copy, this...
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    BD-5 - Why is it so engrained in our psyches?

    Has anyone here ordered the 'BD-5: Original Plans' PDF as advertised here? BD -5 | Bedecorp Are the drawing of sufficient resolution for study? And what version(s) do they cover? Thanks in advance! Rob