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    Subjective crankshaft vibration

    At our direct drive RPMs there should be no difference between counterweighted and un-counterweighted. Nice to see you guys real world experiences backs up the theory. Thanks. Next question then; where does one find an un-counterweighted 84 mm stroke crank? All of the strokers that I have been...
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    Subjective crankshaft vibration

    Here's a question for you guys with a lot of VW experience. How much difference is there in the apparent smoothness between a counterweighted and un-counterweighted crankshaft? What effect does displacement, bore and/or stroke, have?
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    Spark redundancy.

    Technically pfarber is correct. However from the FAA point of view it is a lot more complicated. Part 33 says in part: §33.37 Ignition system. Each spark ignition engine must have a dual ignition system with at least two spark plugs for each cylinder and two separate electric circuits with...
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    Side-valved Two strokes for angels.

    Are you going to use crankcase compression for starting and low power?
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    gauges/sending units?

    The fitting on the engine is undoubtedly not NPT. There is a metric size that is almost the same diameter and thread pitch as 1/8 NPT but is straight thread, not tapered. The 1/8 pipe will work perfectly in the metric hole. We used to use them on high pressure racing motorcycle brakes. Never a...
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    Nikasil Cylinders

    We use U. S. Chrome. They have a facility in Fon du Lac. All of our recent cylinders have been made from 7075-T6 or T651. They use a process that they call NiCom Nikasil coating. Don't know what's up with that, I thought that Nikasil was a trademark of Mahle, but, whatever. The process is of...
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    Nikasil Cylinders

    Not a type 1 but a cousin. I have a 1973 Porsche 911 with the 2.4 engine. It is generally believed that this was the first production vehicle to use Nikasil. Original engine, cylinders never off. Did the valves once, first time engine was opened. Cylinders looked like new then. Compression...
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    B&S 49-series (810cm3/49ci) for aircraft use - TiPi's Q&A thread

    Even better than welding is to do like the motorcycle manufacturers do and use a rubber strip. For example; a rubber strip of fairly stiff durometer, only slightly softer than the tread of most tires, .625 wide, .375 thick and as long as the finned height of the cylinder. Sliced cross-ways...
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    Raptor Composite Aircraft

    Probably does not need the 'lift' pump. Just speculating, but since the Audi is German it more than likely uses a Bosch common rail pump. All Bosch common rail pumps have a low pressure pump integrated into the pump body with the high pressure pump. The low pressure pump is typically a positive...
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    Sealing crankcase halves.

    HondaBond#4, YamaBond#3, SuzukiBond#?. They're all a gray butyl rubber compond. It's what all Jap motorcycle cases are sealed with. Harley too I think, at least I've seen a gray line at the parting line on some new Harleys. Gooey, but not very thick. Most importantly of all, unlike RTV, any...
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    Industrial engine electronic management system development - HBA style

    At first glance using the cam for crankshaft position and stroke info is a great idea. In practice you'll be greatly disappointed in the engine performance. There is just too much lash/wiggle/resonance/etc in the camshaft. Been there, several attempts, and done that. The ignition timing is so...
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    Industrial engine electronic management system development - HBA style

    It seems that all of the embedded code is licensed under the GPL V2. As such, you can never be cut off from the code. Start your own GitHub or GitLab project and compile and test your own code. You of course would have to change the name.
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    Industrial engine electronic management system development - HBA style

    The MC33814 is an engine control chip, not a microprocessor. For those that aren't in to this kind of stuff it means that the MC33814 can't run software, it's basically a driver chip. Warning-techno babble to follow It will need to be paired with an MCU through SPI and what looks like a minimum...
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    Industrial engine electronic management system development - HBA style

    User guide for the the reference board design. Shows pretty much exactly how development works on these type boards.