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    Simple pusher pseudo-jet

    If you used a PPG engine could you use a short shaft like some of the early ultralights used to improve CG? Also another idea, in the design drawing you had earlier where the side view looked "jet like" what about putting the PPG engine in tractor configuration behind the wing? That way you...
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    Tinbuzard - One off design

    I'm really curious to see more pictures! For some reason I can't get the pictures you posted ~17 years ago to open....
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    New to this site

    Something no one has said is that the castor angle on the main wheels was a problem and quickly gave the reputation that the Q2 was squirrelly on landing. However, David Gall came up with the "Gall alignment" which solved the problem. It's one of the essential "six pack" improvements. Those six...
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    The Ranger, an easily built high wing LSA runabout

    So why are you considering an ejection seat? Wouldn't a parachute be adequate? ...oh wait. Never mind...
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    Raptor Composite Aircraft

    Sanjay had/has a Q200 with a I think a good number of hours in it.
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    For Sale Viking Dragonfly MKII Project - $3,500 OBO

    How about Tennessee to Toronto or Tennessee to Portland? I almost was going to do a 800 mile round trip tomorrow for an ultralight but sanity has returned briefly. Too many projects.... However, his other message was from 2017 saying he was about to start on a Q1. Might be worth a reply!
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    Raptor Composite Aircraft

    Doing good, life is fragile but tenacious at the same time. To be clear, she is still with us and seems to be at peace with life. Briefly, she had a severe concussion and had purposefully overdosed on some strong brain medicine a couple of years ago. Almost lost her. What's cool is that her...
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    Raptor Composite Aircraft

    Like it or not, this homebuilt community compared to the worldwide population is family. So, for those of you going to Oshkosh... do any of you have the "love in your heart" or whatever term you find appropriate to sincerely speak with Peter and ask him to at least read this thread? If the...
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    well i have made my decision ????? im going to build a mitchell wing!!!!

    There's a feller on the Yahoo group that built the cage out of 4130 I'm planning to design my own hang cage but am leaning more toward fiberglass/foam. I'm modifying the mixer box ala Peter Rosti and moving it back to the rear spar (ala Hot Wings). Also, a friend of mine (Clay Thomas on the...
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    Mitchell Wing B10 Hang Cage design

    Oh yeah, I wasn't thinking about the cap strips and how much load they can carry. You're right. Mitchell knew what he was doing. And on a flying wing the aerodynamic center is slightly behind the CG. No idea exactly where especially with the stabilators providing downward lift. I like the idea...
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    Mitchell Wing B10 Hang Cage design

    Oh my goodness. Y'all aren't laughing at me! Thank you. I'm floored. Without looking at your ideas yet I'll post the hand drawings I made. Sorry, I haven't learned CAD programs even though I've had plenty of opportunity. The first is the original side drawing without extraneous features. The...
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    Mitchell Wing B10 Hang Cage design

    Thanks for the input. I had heard the idea about moving the mixer (maybe from you?) on another forum and it's a good idea. Would be nice to have the stick on the floor- it gets old holding the stick from the top. Peter Rosti wrote an idea to modify the mixer box to correct adverse yaw which also...
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    Mitchell Wing B10 Hang Cage design

    I am going to gingerly dip my toe in and see if the whole thing gets bitten off or just a little nibble. My brother and I (mostly him) built and flew (mostly me) a B10 back during the ultralight craze. It was a "wow" experience except for the hang cage. Not that the cage was a bad design but it...
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    I have a fairly complete kit but haven't started on it yet. I'm down in Tennessee.
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    The Ranger, an easily built high wing LSA runabout

    Well..., I'm going to keep following this thread because this Ranger (wasn't there a Ranger UL back in the 80's?) is very cool. But..., I think I should finish what I have in the B10. However, since I need to build a new hang cage I think I want to design one that has slightly more vertical room...
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