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    Curious about the AirBike - where are you located?

    Curious about the AirBike - where are you located?
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    I've visited Mark a couple times in the last few months. EarthStar is going strong, though doing electric conversions of existing planes (I don't think they've sold a new plane in years). I believe he just picked up 5-7 Thundergull fuselages back east when he dropped off two electric...
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    Airfoil Template CNC

    Try going to: 100kGarages - Where projects are made by digital fabricators (fabbers) working with 2-D or 3-D digital fabrication tools - they have a page that lets you know everyone in an area with a Shopbot CNC machine (maybe others too?) that will do work for other people. Having templates...
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    Informative post. I'm curious how you would envision a HG being able to go on public transport? This sounds like a flying machine I would like to try/have!
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    Discussion: Conceptual Design of an "Inexpensive" Single-Seat Motorglider

    Well, if you ever decide that with the fixed gear, you end up making it a pod and boom pusher - a la Strojnik - I would definitely consider helping you build it (though then we'd actually build molds to put it into production!)
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    Discussion: Conceptual Design of an "Inexpensive" Single-Seat Motorglider

    Is this thread/project still moving forward? I recall reading elsewhere that another design was taking precedence, but I've been out of the loop for a while, and not sure what's going on?
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    Announcing the Experimental Soaring Association Western Workshop 2018

    I hope to be there as well. Would love to have lunch again with you, VB and A2C - and anyone else on HBA who will be there.
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    Flea style "Piojo Flying MiniBike"

    I prefer the stepped scarf - not only because you can use the same bit as for cutting out the rest of the parts (if your vacuum table is good) - but also because it is "almost" fool-proof in self aligning! As far as hand planes go - they are pure joy. I have about 30 antique Stanleys - and just...
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    Flea style "Piojo Flying MiniBike"

    I know it's late in the thread, but as Fritz mentioned, scarf joints on CNC are pretty straightforward.
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    Flea style "Piojo Flying MiniBike"

    Spent nine hours driving from San Diego to Santa Maria (300 miles) last night, through SoCal traffic (did I mention we have good weather?). Maybe I'm still too groggy, or should drink real (caffeinated) coffee... but I don't understand the above comments. Which does what? Who's on first? I...
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    Flea style "Piojo Flying MiniBike"

    No, it was your turn to talk about religion... (or aviating - which is a religion to some people)
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    Flea style "Piojo Flying MiniBike"

    Where I currently hail from, we declare a local emergency when it gets over 80 or under 50... The Central Coast of California is darn near perfect climate - though our cross to bear is putting up with a gazillion (that's 1,000 bazillions) bleeding heart progressives who believe that small...
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    Flea style "Piojo Flying MiniBike"

    Fritz, I really need to take exception to several of your posts... I have it on extremely good authority (my seven year old granddaughter) that Bazillian is spelled with an 'A'. It is actually a Portugy word for "all the money we could have made if we kept the place as a colony instead of...
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    Flea style "Piojo Flying MiniBike"

    So what you're saying is... wood is a tougher material, able to handle more than that wimpy AL pansy stuff? :gig:
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    Flea style "Piojo Flying MiniBike"

    I had the exact same thought! I think that is a clever design. :ban: