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    Curtiss-Stinson Special

    Jeff, praying for you and your wife for strength through this extreme trial.
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    T-88 Epoxy Failure

    Is there any truth to the theory of heating the hardener will dissolve the crystals and rejuvenate the hardener?
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    Winter shop heat......

    Strongly agreed with Mr Moxley's gas infrared tubular heaters. They don't heat the air directly, but having a warm concrete floor under your feet will feel like heaven when it's -20 outside. Them warm floor will slowly warm the air. Very efficient heat for cold climate hangers.
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    Boeing moving headquarters

    Nope! Do you really think our Gubmint could mis-manage it less badly?
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    Boeing moving headquarters

    2001, Boeing moved their HQ into Chicago. I worked about a block south of the new offices. In spite of the huge local headlines, the event was a big yawn, only 100-150 people relocated. Yawn . . . Today I heard they're moving to DC area. Yawn . . .
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    It's possible to learn to fly on a homebuilt airplane?

    "A man's gotta know his limitations." (from Magnum Force, IIRC)
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    Panel Titling: Bus-Tie or Electric Cross-Feed? Position of Warning Lights?

    From an electrical engineering perspective, in the USA a switch between two buses is called a "bus tie".
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    Red Bull Plane Swap

    Red Bull likes selling lots of foul tasting swill and merchandise . . . . the rest is just fluff to attract people to their brand.
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    Fuel Trailers

    You don't need a new primary driver. Buy a cheap beater pickup to run fuel from the gas station to the airplane. Park it near the hanger.
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    Fuel Trailers

    Get yourself a real pickup truck and put one of these in the back. Other sizes available.
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    ENGINE MOUNTS Is this what you're looking for?
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    It's possible to learn to fly on a homebuilt airplane?

    If money's an issue, look into light sport aircraft training options. On one hand, Orville and Wilbur learned to fly in their own homebuild, even though it was underpowered. On the other hand, they wrecked several aircraft and took several years time before getting proficient at piloting...
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    Tech Counselor help needed

    Horizon 2 is on my short list of projects to build. I understand your concern, I recall there are only 25 or 30 in the FAA active registry. I recommend finding the Algy Yates build on the Fisher Flying YouTube channel. He's in the middle of his wing build now.
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    My name is Sam... I seek...

    Greetings to a fellow Dane! My grandfather came from Denmark in 1906. Are there many flight clubs near Copenhagen?
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    Pilot training - the good, the bad, and the ugly

    Learned in Traumahawks, when the articles on stall-spin issues were coming out. On our second spin he saw the tail wagging back and forth, and that was the end of the spin lessons. Never made the time to do it again.