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    Newbie needing some help - 447 starter

    Go here: https://www.homebuiltairplanes.com/forums/forums/2-stroke-aircraft-engines.14/ Some one will help you there. If you want to keep the electric starter, there maybe part available on the internet.
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    Interesating series on Russian aircraft

    Interesting that it appears the the engine was still running when this aircraft landed. One can only wonder why the pilot decided to land.
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    Aeroplane you have to dress into !

    What, there was an aircraft in the video?
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    New member from the UK

    Welcome to HBA :pilot:
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    Crashes in the News - Thread

    Does anyone have any information as to what directions the aircraft were traveling in relation to each other?
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    P-51 Replica. It's a Slow Day, so Let's Design One.

    Found this information in the local Minneapolis Star Tribune April 5, 2020 edition. This outfit in Bemidji, MN claims to have original drawings of the P51. I know nothing about them and I am not associated with them. Just passing this information along for anyone who might me interested. Here...
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    Shipping a Rotax 670....

    I have shipped several 500CC Rotax engines. Make a sturdy 2X4 frame that is about 2" wider that the engine on all sides. I used 2x2 lumber for four vertical post and then joined the four of them above the engine with more 2x2's to complete a frame. Make sure you add two 2x4's in the middle of...
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    Any Tailwind owners / pilots?

    I don;t understand why he came in so fast. Throttle control issues?
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    Leaking exhaust joint!

    Someone ask what engine you are ruining. Also a photo or two might help us understand the problem.
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    Leaking exhaust joint!

    Has this just started or has it been a problem all along?
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    No Excuse Now

    So no income, but time on your hands. So how do you build without spending money?
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    The big video topic

    What, no recoil rope to start it?
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    Asking for computer technical assistance

    Yes the snipping tool is quite useful, however it doesn't always work. If you have something on you screen that goes away when you click on the sip icon, then you have to use the PrtScrn key.