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    Crashes in the News - Thread

    This accident occurred while one or both aircraft were landing on the water in a fairly remote area. You can technically receive TIS-B data at surface levels, but not to a degree where aircraft in a pattern or taxiing could be deconflicted without ASSC/ASDE-X. The fact that Alaska was used as...
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    If you have building skills and do 40-50 per week on a CH 750, it will take way less time than that. Official average build time is 10 weeks, and many builders who can devote a full time effort regularly beat that mark. Even some weeknight and weekend builders finish their plane in a few months...
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    Provocative Places to Unfold My Wings

    I didn’t catch the contex first time around. Well said.
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    Provocative Places to Unfold My Wings

    I think she’s pulling our legs, guys. Nobody is THAT ignorant. And the class warfare bit is pure comedy. The only redeeming part of her posts is the desire to be an ambassador for aviation. Everything else is just comedic trolling for reactions.
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    Zodiac CH 650B kit a good choice for a newbie?

    The workshop will tell you a great deal about your ability to build the plane. It's a lot easier than you might think, and Zenith has fantastic customer support.
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    Zodiac CH 650B kit a good choice for a newbie?

    Concerning the '12,500 holes he drilled', Zenith kits are all CNC pre-cut and pilot-hole match-drilled now. Most of the parts already have the pilot holes drilled. That makes your life much easier. $30k is a nice goal for an up front cost, but don't assume that as a total cost. By spreading...
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    Mystery Missile

    More than that. That's US Air Flight 808 from Honolulu to Phoenix, and those pictures were taken on December 31st, 2009 in the same place this supposed "missile" was sighted. And interestingly enough, that flight also crossed that same point at the same time the supposed missile was...
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    what's your desktop picture?

    My desktop picture changes every ten minutes. At the moment, it's this:
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    Boeing phantom

    Had a Maverick with a straight six back before anybody heard of metrics. Don't remember the cubic inches. 289 seems to ring a bell for some reason. I know you could drive that car of a cliff and it would still purr like a kitten. Had it for three years and sold it to a dealer for $600 more...
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    Oh wow, talk about lucky

    I don't think I would have crawled out with three cracked vertebrae.
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    CH-701 Delivery Advice

    Don't thank me. I haven't been able to help, unfortunately. I'm not familiar with the 2200. However, I notice you're also asking on, and it looks like you're getting more responses there, so hopefully you'll get what you need.
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    CH-701 Delivery Advice

    The current owner isn't providing any clues?
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    Historic replica goes down

    Looks like he will be eventually. Jim Poel – Update « JJBaker's Aviation/ Seaplane Safety
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    Zenith 801 with Bearhawk wing?

    Who says they have no aeronautical engineering background? And where do you think experimental aircraft come from? I agree that people without the proper background should not make changes on their own without the proper research and expert advice, but that's one of the reasons this site...
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    More goverment snuper vision

    I don't know where Joe is flying that he's worried about being prosecuted for, but I'm all for this. In addition to reducing midair collisions, greatly improving search and rescue and reducing the need for ATC, they're also talking about providing free weather over the ADS-B link. That means...
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