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    Clear Douglas Fir at Lowe's

    I have many friends that can look at any post and identify a jackass. That if anyone who would answer a question with your remarks defiantly is a jackass. I didn't ask you any question, I asked the original poster. To the people who run this forum, this is why I left the last forum, being...
  2. rheuschele

    Clear Douglas Fir at Lowe's

    How do you know it was doug fir?
  3. rheuschele

    Why do you buy plans poll .....

    I do appologize, I meant the super kr. KR-Super2
  4. rheuschele

    Champion V

    Who's build are you interested in Bill?
  5. rheuschele

    Harrison Ford hurt in plane crash

    It was my understanding that he was flying Solo
  6. rheuschele

    Aircraft construction from furniture plywood

    I'd like to see it fly
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    New Member Thank you

    Bill, what happened to your aeromax designs?
  8. rheuschele

    Spruce or Fir supplier

    You can? In the UK?
  9. rheuschele

    Carburetor for Corvair???

    Would dual carbs do anything good?
  10. rheuschele

    birch vs. okume

    It's been my observance, that most of these older designs called for materials that where available at the time they were designed. But what do I know.
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    Wooden Aircraft Building Resources?

    Here's a tip. If you buy wood from any place other that an aircraft supply, don't tell them it's for a plane. Tell them it's for a boat or they wont even talk to you.
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    Tap and Die Set

    there is a huge difference between chinese made and American made. I don't buy anything unless American or German made. Although the chinese stuff will cut, you will see a big difference in the ease and accuracy of the cut. What takes 10 minutes with chinese, will take 1 minute with American or...
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    Type 4 VW engine pros/cons?

    When I started looking into using a type IV, I added up everything I would need to make i flyable. At the end the cost was way too high and the weight itself added up to more than a converted corvair engine. Not to mention 50% of everything you would have to do was on your own and unproven. You...
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    Woodstock Imperial to Metric

    My plans came in metric, so I started page by page to convert it. 10 minutes later I went a bought a metric tape measure.