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    No, not mine. I'm still in the building phase. I'm pushing to have mine as good looking as this one.
    That is truly a beautiful airplane. I'll have to be on my desktop computer before I can view your site. The amount of dihedral and the way it is positioned in cruise flight reminds me of our Comanche. Is this a shot of your completed airplane?
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    Hi Andy, it's out of the car however, I don't know if it's airworthy. Send me your email and I'll send you pictures of it.
    If no one has taken you up on your vw engine yet I would be interested in buying it from you. I have done aero vw's before and was thinking that the plane i'm working on now needs a better half vw. Does yours have a prop hub on it already or is it right out of the car? I'm in northern wisconsin and go to school in St Louis so I get through the area and would be happy to pick it up.


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