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    premix oil

    I had a Wizzard up until the shop burned. It was hanging on the wall since 1979. I think it was an 18" cut. One of oh so many oddities I had.
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    50 HP engine recommendations

    I'd like to be added to the list of folks interested in your Twinstar.
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    premix oil

    Actually - Rotella T 15w40 was a multi use oil. It was intended for mixed fleet use in gasoline and diesel engines. I seem to recall it was the first oil rated as such. Back in 1981 I bought a 1966 Diamond T with a 6v53 Detroit. I was sold a barrel of Rotella T 15w40 to use in it. Sheesh - talk...
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    premix oil

    Yes - I do remember mixing 30wt motor oil at 16:1 ratio with leaded gas back when for $0.65 you could buy 2 gallons of gas or a 12 ounce bottle of Coke from a vending machine.
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    Scattering Ashes?

    I have seen this done using a 2 seat Quicksilver MXL. These are a pusher ul type plane. The passenger doing the release failed to ensure that the release was done as low and outside the aircraft as possible to prevent the prop from ingesting the ashes and bone fragments. The wood prop actually...
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    Thread Drift

    That Guppy flies decent with a 277. I've known of a few with a 277
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    Trailer Design - Resources?

    Having just transported 2 planes over 100 miles using a trailer - this is a nice string. I used a modified American Aircraft open Falcon UL trailer. These were purpose built with a flat bed and framework with rigid wing pockets to support the wings and the canard on top. The...
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    MOGAS/E85 etc.?

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    Video series on TIG welding thin wall aircraft tubing

    If all the prior discussion didn't get one thinking that the world is full of opinions - here is discussion on an EAA forum. Note that while MIG wires can be used - they may not be ideal for the application. ER70S6 vs RG45
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    MOGAS/E85 etc.?

    I hope you understood that the deposits I mentioned were the result of a bacterial infestation - usually the result of prolonged inactivity - producing acids that attack the venerable metals in the old fuel systems. It is these metals that can cause damage to the engine. The possibility of...
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    MOGAS/E85 etc.?

    My experience in auto use with carburetors using E85/E10 50/50 ratio was around 12 - 13% fuel economy loss. I have an ethanol plant near me so can buy E-85 usually $1. per gallon less that E-10. For my trip to Osh with the motorhome I filled 9 gallons of E-85 and 8 gallons of E-10 and got...
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    New canard designs?

    Depends on the design. The Pterodactyl UL canard is not considered a lifting component. However - the American Aircraft Falcon UL and XP canard contributes 20% of the total lift.
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    New canard designs?

    I've owned canard type planes. Sweeping the wing expands the C/G range. A good example is the American Aircraft single seat Falcon UL and the tandem seat XP. The airfoil on both planes is the same. The XP wing has more sweep to help expand the flight envelope.
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    how to locate each holes positions relative to the center of engine shaft?

    Locating holes relative to the crank centerline. Dimensionally drawing? Is it for manufacturing or is it for determining what dimensions the part was made to? Using precision tooling? If with precision tooling - what kind of precision tooling is available? What level of precision is required...
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    What happened to the Ultravair?

    Nitrous adds weight for only a limited duration benefit. If you had ever supplied an engine with oxygen from a torch set you'd know how it requires a lot of flow for much benefit. It won't take long to empty a nitrous bottle. You won't be able to refill your nitrous bottle at the airports along...