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    What happens to the fly ?

    Not sure about the fly going out, but from personal experience at least 90% of the bees that fly IN via my drivers side window and then get accelerated quite quickly to freeway speed not only survive the experience but become quite agitated by their participation in the physics experiment.
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    Plans format preferences and pricing

    Personally, I prefer both. All of my Zenith drawings are on Engineering B-Size (Tabloid / 11"x17") paper, which is a very convenient format for storing in a binder, flipping through in the shop, and reviewing carefully in my easy chair to minimize the number of errant holes later in the shop...
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    75 % full KLM 777-300

    Apparently the airlines will soon be in serious trouble: Most airlines could be bankrupt by May.
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    No one can explain WHY planes fly...

    You geniuses are missing the most important point in the article: Albert Einstein--you know, that guy who came up with special relativity and general relativity--attempted to explain lift in 1916. And failed. Later, he called it a "youthful folly". But most importantly, he actually designed an...
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    Garmin's Autoland System

    As both a sailboat and glider guy, I have to say it's not so much the primitive technology but the fact that I need both hands to control it. That prevents the "here, hold my beer and watch this" stunts that I occasionally see from the power folks. (Sorry, couldn't resist :-) ) Back on topic...
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    Where should we use RG400 instead of RG58?

    The Jim Weir column in the November 2019 issue of Kitplane discussed this. From the article: "Conclusion: For powers less than 50 watts, my cable of choice (if loss is desired or not a factor) is good old RG-174. But when it comes to powers greater than this, I’ll go with RG-58. RG-400 isn’t...
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    Battery packs - fire danger?

    I imagine the drag and the flailing around of heavy batteries on a 10' cable will make CG issues the least of your problems. Unfortunately, just ejecting the batteries and starting a forest fire can also get expensive really fast. A better solution is to use a battery chemistry that isn't...
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    Why the animosity towards ultralights?

    I suspect it depends a lot on whose neighborhood you're in. GA in general isn't very welcome at the big three-letter airports the airliners land at. Homebuilts of any sort are eyed suspiciously at the larger airports with the jet-set FBOs. Ultralights are given the evil eye at the airports...
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    Zenith 650-B rib forms

    Have you tried posting on the forum? As the official factory 'forum' there are more plans-builders there. Try posting on the Zenith lists on the Matronics forums as well. There's not much traffic on either, but plenty of lurkers who may be able to help.
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    free builders log: We Build Planes

    The issue I have with all these build logs is they are essentially stand-alone silos, with a tendency to come and go. What I'd really like to see is a decent build log API (SOAP/RESTful) that would allow other online resources to query them and extract useful info. For example, since I'm doing...
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    Augmented Reality in Aviation FOOOOM
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    Book recommendations? Structural design?

    With the caveat that I have never designed a composite airplane so all these books may be total junk for all I know... What you're looking for is roughly akin to looking for detailed design manuals, which are also scarce (unless you work for a major aerospace manufacturer and have access to the...
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    Aircraft Design and Design Testing

    Kids these days. 1978, summer job between high school / college was to sysadmin a PDP-11/70 and PDP-11/60. Four 5M and 10M "cake platters", RSX-11M on the 60, RSTS/E on the 70. Loaded the boot code in octal using the front panel switches, which loaded the paper tape reader/writer second stage...
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    Issues and Solutions for kit- and plans-based sailplanes and motorgliders

    IMHO a self-launcher that has enough power to actually climb at a decent rate, and has a reliable (and fairly quick) engine activation / de-activation sequence is also a safer option at the recreational end of the sport. There's a reason why all three current launch methods require...
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    Issues and Solutions for kit- and plans-based sailplanes and motorgliders

    Both you and John.Roo are forcing me to amend my statement to "I doubt anyone over 6'-2" could fit in that cockpit." At 6'-6", I certainly don't :-( There was a thread a few years back where Jarno pointed out that there are far more "tall pilot" glider options in Europe because northern...