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    Raven Redrive Experiences Anyone?

    Guys Just a quick update after announcing our shift to focus on our Honda® Fit conversions (we are developing 3 models) at our Seminars at AirVenture this past week. We did devote one of our Seminars to the practical consideration of whether there is enough interest to bring back a low cost...
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    New Aircraft engine ..

    1946 Forgot to mention that your 'New' Aircraft Engine post here should probably be retitled as AeroMomentum out of Florida has been converting the Chinese lay down G13BB for at least a year or two now (same engine as in your first post). They are based in Florida and have exhibited at...
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    New Aircraft engine ..

    Azsportpilot Sorry for the outdated info on our website. The 110HP 212 lb. engine was a past design for the 1.6L Suzuki Sidekick/Geo Tracker engine. The posts from Raven Mad are easy to confuse with us as well, I guess. No association. Would be good to update the posts here regarding the...
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    4 stroke snowmobile engines

    Holden I have some very positive experience with the 4-Stroke 660cc Arctic Cat Turbo touring sled engine in aircraft. Our company converted one a number of years ago that is flying in a Zenith® 701. Engine is actually a production version of Suzuki®'s 660cc Kei car automobile engine from...
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    Distributed Electric Propulsion

    Mark Just a quick note to see if NASA is going to have a booth or information about this Distributed Electric Propulsion project at AirVenture next week. Thanks for sharing your research. Jeron Smith Raven ReDrives Inc. 303-440-6234
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    More Thoughts on PSRUs

    Marcvini 'Metallic' reductions should not be painted with the same brush. There are fundamental differences in a gear set vs. a chain. Once you have studied the movement of a belt drive like ours, you have an appreciation for the moments that can me generated in a chain drive with its much...
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    More Thoughts on PSRUs

    Nineteen years now of working with the 3 and 4 cylinder Suzuki® engines with a proven cog belt design. Thousands and thousands of flight hours on a few hundred redrives and no torsional failures to date with all kinds of different propellers, aircraft, drive ratios, etc. IMO the 3 cylinder is...
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    Nissan's new 400 bhp engine

    Ross Do have a lot of experience with the 3 cylinder Geo and developing a redrive to handle its torsional resonance quirks successfully. After 19 years I've found that for most folks its just to technical a subject to grasp and solve with common sense solutions. Even Rotax® dumbed down their...
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    Inverted Honda engine

    Brian Got your PM about the dimensions for the Honda® block bolt pattern you are working on. Don't have anything for your engine. We have had to digitize with a coordinate table to get the dimensions you are after. Haven't found the auto makers to be very generous in giving away their hard...
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    Nissan's new 400 bhp engine

    Ross Sounds like there is a little confusion between the 660cc turbo Suzuki® I mentioned and the new Nissan® 1.5L turbo. Over five years ago I worked with a customer who was part of Arctic Cat's (partly owned by Suzuki®) snowmobile race team. Suzuki's 660cc production turbo car engine was...
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    Nissan's new 400 bhp engine

    Ross I had sent a PM to you to make sure you had seen this new Nissan engine. After all our development work with the Suzuki® G10 3 cylinder and always wishing for more displacement/more power to compete on level ground with the Rotax® 912/914 series engines, the jump to a 1.5L is a...
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    Nissan's new 400 bhp engine

    Richard Saw this info earlier this week on the Rotary Wing gyro forum. After 19 years of converting auto engines for aircraft, it did way more than just pique my interest. Even if this new engine design is 50% heavier than stated with all the rest of the accessories not included in the 40...
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    Ross Wondered if you'd run across the recent press releases for the new Nissan DIG -T 1.5L 3...

    Ross Wondered if you'd run across the recent press releases for the new Nissan DIG -T 1.5L 3 cylinder turbo GDI race engine. Specs. are 88 lbs. and 400HP- not a misprint, though they are not counting some of the accessories- and its all happening at only 7500 RPM. Ever since we dialed in...
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    New 2014 Lightweight 1.5 Liter or Smaller Automotive Engines

    saini flyer I really try to stay on top of the engines that are possible aircraft conversion choices in the displacement listed as the title for this thread. When we saw that we would not have a supply of the G13BB that we have had great success with converting here in the States forever, we...
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    New 2014 Lightweight 1.5 Liter or Smaller Automotive Engines

    Mark Good to see Aeromomentum launching something with the proven Suzuki G13BB engine as well as its bigger brother the 1.5L. You should include your phone number on your posts so folks can get in touch with you. Talking and emailing with you over the past couple years about your sourcing of...