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  • Hi Jeron,

    Yes, I saw this a last week. This is really nothing too special just a high boost race engine turning fairly high rpm. I believe it will drive a generator for an electric race car. Boost is undisclosed but I bet it's pretty high so the lifespan would be in the 25-50 hour range I am guessing.

    Remember the 1500cc F1 engines of 30 years ago now- 1000hp/L at 60 psi and around 250 lbs. dressed- 6 hp/ lb. Boost is the huge multiplier in power to weight ratios. If you can make the pistons, rings and valves last, lots of existing engines can be pretty impressive.

    This engine is light but the TV signature for a 400hp 3 cyl. engine would be nasty I bet. Now if this was detuned to 150hp and 5500 rpm, even at this weight, it would be impressive and might last quite a few hundred hours. Doubtful we will get our hands on any though...
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