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    Check out the polini Thor Facebook group, lots of great content and people with personal experience using the motors
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    STOL Inspired Composite Ultralight

    Quite the opposite, it is one of the only paramotor motors that is advised for use in the tractor config
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    What was the first airplane you flew in and how old ?

    As a gift for graduating middle school in 2006 I got to take a flight in the PT-17 Stearman down at Fantasy of Flight in Florida. First time on the sticks of a small plane and the POC let me guide her in for the landing. Life changing.
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    STOL Inspired Composite Ultralight

    Status Update: Initial OML (Outer Mold Line) I have spent the last couple of weeks working on my initial loft that relies on only 2D curved surfaces. This is ensures all composite parts are compatible with the "soft tooling" lamination process which will require only the hotwire cutting of foam...
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    STOL Inspired Composite Ultralight

    @Martin R. thank you for taking the time to look at the initial design with the FLZ-vortex. As i mentioned in my airfoil selection post #8 as far as I know none of these VLM programs are good for determining an accurate CLmax. I haven't dug too far into FLZ-vortex but Xflr5 is based on the 2D...
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    STOL Inspired Composite Ultralight

    Had some requests to share the airfoil data for those that I took a look at. Here is a zip with all .dats in Selig Format that is XFLR5 compatible. Also great for importing as a coordinate driven curve in the CAD program of your choosing. Very simple to do in solidworks for instance. This gives...
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    STOL Inspired Composite Ultralight

    @TLAR i will be sharing all source files, spreadsheets, CAD, finite element models etc along the way so feel free. Lots of great resources on this site but i find that no one really backs anything up with shared files which is a bit disappointing. @Martin R. I like the idea of hybrid power...
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    STOL Inspired Composite Ultralight

    Was going to ask if he lays claim to the thicker clarky foils, but increasing an airfoils thickness is a trivial task so he must have given some thicker sections a quick study as well. the original 11ish % thickness just isnt enough for a very light plane without a wing strut
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    STOL Inspired Composite Ultralight

    TLDR: I have decided to use the Riblett 30A318 with junkers flaperons for my ultralight. So I have spent some time reading through all the resources I could find on ultralight airfoil history, with such episodes as wing rib profiles being identified by the size of tire they were bent around...
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    Italian/European engine comparisons

    Yup I took a look at the various engines available in that category a few weeks ago, take a look: ULTRALIGHT ENGINE LIBRARY 2-18-2021
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    STOL Inspired Composite Ultralight

    @Victor Bravo yeah i think the rear part of the surfaces will likely be fabric. Interesting comparison between the strength of a very thin carbon skin vs a fabric one in terms of hanger rash though. I think 2 or 3 ply laminate skin would be at least as strong as the fabric in those types of...
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    STOL Inspired Composite Ultralight

    Hiya homebuilt, long time listener, second time caller here! The first time I came around here asking about help with the design of a pie-in-the-sky electric canard for a bachelors final project. We were able to laminate a partial canard spar and do a bunch of hotwire cutting after spending a...
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    Set of Holman Aircraft Design Books

    interested! sent you a text message
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    Article Series on the details of FEA on Composite structures

    Very cool seeing some behind the scenes femap work on some composite parts. Thanks for sharing.
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    Load Case Questions for LSA Electric Powered Canard

    Looks like the limited info I gave you guys just got yah hungry for more and also a bit blood thirsty! ;) Kidding about the last thing, you guys always keep it nice and direct on this forum. It's something that I've always liked and actually makes things a bit easier to understand, actually...