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    What is the ultimate bush plane?

    Indeed it would be...or one of the ones thusly modified... Whatever ya call it...WOW!:ban: Dave
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    What Will Replace 100LL ??

    Just got back from Petit LeMans at Road Atlanta...the Dyson Racing Lola coupes running bio-butanol ran flawlessly for the 10hrs of pounding around Road Atlanta... Of course the Diesels of Peugeot and Audi went "poof" off into the middle distance... Dave
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    What is the ultimate bush plane?

    In my college days I would deliver Helio Couriers of pretty much every configuration I have ever seen and a few I have not seen anywhere else... for a dealer... A PT6 powered Helio gets my vote! WHOOOOSH! Whatta airplane! I can operate one out of a spot seemingly not much bigger than...
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    Burt Rutan cool presentation.

    I just love the "model airplane competitions" stuff"... Imagine being one of those that got blown off of the field by this kid...then he turns out to be...:gig: Kinda like this driver I'm working with some...the worlds fastest 14 year old girl... Her name is Taylor Ferns...and you will be...
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    EU Regulation

    We all should tell our respective governments that they have no right to tell us what we can build and what we can fly...and what we can drink, eat, smoke, who we can have sex with, and how to run our lives...they are our lives not the governments... If only 10% of the population did...
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    How much damage id too much

    If (as it certainly seems from your description) the main structure of your fuselage is compromised...it is no longer a fuselage...it is a large and expensive planter... Composite structures such as your fuselage or an Indycar tub derive their strength from the ability of the matrix to allow...
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    What Will Replace 100LL ??

    The Indy Lights car over there somewhere...runs a 112 octane unleaded Sunoco gasoline... I'd rather have butanol! Dave
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    What Will Replace 100LL ??

    I am going down to Road Atlanta in a few weeks for the '10 Petit LeMans...one of the reasons I'm going is to talk to the Dyson folks about Butanol...and to have a bunch of fun!
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    heat threat aluminum 6061

    One way to get a lower price... If you aren't in a hurry...is to ask for a quote to add your pieces to the next run that is applicable... You might just be surprised how cheaply you can get stuff like that done if you aren't time critical... Dave
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    New Corvus (Red Bull) racer

    Thats yummy! Ya gotta love an airplane designed to be a racer from word GO! Beautiful...now I just wonder if I could make it safe...:roll: Dave
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    A California nail gun...

    Dana, It is with great regularity that your "quote of the day" is my...and my local coffeehouse's laugh of the morning!:gig: We all appreciate it! In Liberty, Dave
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    A California nail gun...

    Sorry...try again... 1:1 is a draw at best... regardless of motivation... There are better ways of making a point...and better ways of going to war if that is your intent... I understand the sentiment... as a good Libertarian...I believe that since taxation is forced, it is theft...and...
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    EADS builds all-electric Cri Cri

    How bout a series hybrid? Smaller engine driving a generator...then the electric drive...one of those model helicopter turboshafts comes to mind! Woooohoooooo! Dave
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    "Shark" composite tandem rotax from Slovakia??

    Agreed! That's a beauty... It also appears to have somewhat of a version of the "safety tub" idea I have been kicking around... Dave