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    Dynon EMS map sensor

    Just to help out those in the future, Dynon's EMS uses a 2-bar automotive 0-5 volt map sensor, I had to be stubborn and find out for myself, they aren't too helpful with alternative sensors. :tired:
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    For Sale Aerovee 2.1 aircraft engine. Must Sell!

    Actually that is positive for our fellow aviators,(do you want them miss led?) this is almost certainly not a 2.1 aerovee they no longer use that prop hub. Not saying it's junk just not a newer 2.1 Aerovee. If you have any intentions of buying this engine send a copy of the pic to Aerovee so...
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    Need Help - Welding Rod for 5052 Aluminum Gas Tanks

    I used 5356 filler rod with pure tungsten and argon sheilding gas. I used 5052 sheet .035 and riveted it prior to welding them up. If I were to do it again I learned of a trick to keep the warping down and that is to put the tank in a sand box so only the seam you are welding is exposed. Also...
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    Making sense of kit plane compliance.

    Thanks Hotwings, that's the checklist I had hanging on my workshop, I like the spreadsheet! thanks for sharing it. Fortunately my DAR knew all about experimentals and within a few minutes knew that I had built the plane and of course it's always good to document, receipts are good pictures are...
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    Making sense of kit plane compliance.

    If you are refering to me, not mad... passionate about this subject and the truth always, and no I don't work for the FAA but if I did it would be a better world for Experimentals and ultralites :gig:
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    Making sense of kit plane compliance.

    Consider yourself corrected! you do not have to build 51% of each sub-component, think before you listen to those spouting such non-sense, a great example is a Breezy, almost always the builder uses "certified" wings from various aircraft, pipers ,taylorcraft and the like. I am going to start...
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    Out of control cops or out of control preg. woman?

    Did you see the airplane? I know I didn't.
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    51 PERCENT

    Even if the fuse was not done by an amateur (you didn't say) yes and easily so. There is a nice checklist published by the FAA that guides you through this, do not listen to the "Drama Queens" or even your local FSDO, instead get with an independent DAR and go through the checklist with...
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    Heat tightening fabric (Polyfibre) - question

    Certainly there could be some odor and usually some steam from the moisture boiling out of the fabric, what I did was use a radio shack infrared thermometer and follow the iron as you sweep it across the fabric, it will tell you how hot you are getting the fabric which is more important than how...
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    Build Logs

    I received my A/W cert last Oct. and used a Steno notepad and a digital camera with a zip lock bag for receipts. DAR never looked at it, but the FSDO went through every page of the notepad (and asked many questions)when I applied for my Repairman's cert. I'll do the same for the next plane.:ban:
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    Does being a pilot alter your personality?

    I was going to throw my 2 cents in until I read this post, I will remember it. I may be imperfect but I recognize wisdom when I see it.;)
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    Who on here is from around Indiana?

    Not a "Her" more reliable than any female I hope!:gig: Where would the chapter meet? tell me it's not going to be IND.
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    Who on here is from around Indiana?

    Well Steve you know I'm right down the road, and would love to be involved in a new chapter. this was/is no "kit plane" LOL
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    best engine choice

    Totally depends on the aircraft, 912/vw/continental/lycoming/jabiru , all have their place. carb icing is solved with injection or throttle bodies or application of carb heat. (okay you already knew that I know). Hard to beat the continentals/lycomings for reliability longevity.
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    Would like to "fly around" just at or above ground effect-SLOWLY???

    Ahh, circleing the wagons around the "respected forum member" to undo his well placed apology Bad Form Sir!:tired: