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    Mr Fisher?

    My business was 'Fishercraft' in the early 80's when I was promoting the Zippy Sport. by the early 90's I was Raceair Designs. I am no relation to Mike Fisher , founder of Fisher flying products...ED
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    Mr Fisher?

    Thanks to all for the comments....I am still here at about 50% throttle. Now have shot knees and a couple other things....ED F.
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    Steps to scratch build a VW

    I called my baffles racing 'boxes'...I built two sets, then Jim Vliet built another set after me. On the Sonerai.net site I describe it in more detail....ED
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    Steps to scratch build a VW

    Dave, that V-Witt was assembled at the Quad city races, but it did not qualify or fly. I heard it was from Minnesota, but I don't have his name. It certainly looked bulbous compared to Steve's
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    Steps to scratch build a VW

    i believe Joe Gibson in Wisconsin built a V-witt and used a Monnett engine, running prop on the pulley end. It was nicely done.
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    V - Witt / Witts V

    Mike, I have Formula V, and V Witt parts if you decide to build one.
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    V - Witt / Witts V

    Yes, oil cooler...
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    For Sale Wittman Tailwind Ferriable C-85 $4000 !

    It may be a Cougar-Tailwind....Lots of them were built. Cougars had dihedral, and most had no flaps........
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    Oshkosh 2019

    After 44 Oshkosh trips, I think I am done. missed last year, and will miss this year, mostly for health reasons. Went to rockford 5 times as a kid, then 44 Oshkosh's...Kinda sad....
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    I have flown four different Sonerais, three were S-1's, one was a 2 mid wing, standard tail. None of them stalled blow 60 indicated. Weight is everything with a Sonerai.....
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    Mike makes parts

    Scrapper.......I learned a long time ago two words. They are 'GOOD ENOUGH'.....I have a half dozen airplane projects that were never finished, but also have 19 that WERE completed and flown, and thats because of the two words 'Good Enough'...I have been called a perfectionist, but I...
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    Sharing builders Experiences

    I use heat and a ball peen hammer to make U shaped fittings like that...........
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    Best value used EXPERIMENTAL

    Absolutely, Scheduling hobby does not work for me. When it feels right you do it. If you think you are robbing from other time commitments, don't work on the hobby. Although I have built and flown 19 homebuilts, there are 6 more hanging in the rafters that were not completed, and...
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    Biplane Forum

    I donated a few times, but now they want you to subscribe, it appears.... I was basically on there to help others with my designs.....
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    Steve Wittman

    Yes, the Tailwind was originally referred to as the Magic Carpet, or Flying Carpet, depending on who you ask......