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    Ducted fan blade design

    Also remember that the Duct Prop is not the only forward motion component in its 125mph forward movement-- as that rotor adds to that when the craft is pitched forward. The Fan itself in the rear... is really inefficient considering the specs given.
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    Ducted fan blade design

    The Yahoo group referenced above has some greatdiscussion points, but the moderator is a bit draconian about that discussionas it is either HIS WAY--- or the high way..... I have had discussion with him only a few times,to only be removed from the group for simply not falling into line under...
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    Ducted fan efficiency if engine is taken out of the equation (pure electric case)

    I would add to what has been stated here already, that it is important to notice the difference between work that has been done with DUCTED FANS (meaning High Bypass compressor Sections turned by Auto Cycle) vs the Shrouded Props or Shrouded Fans. I have seen many people attempt to call what...
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    Wanted Leads on a Velocity-- FUSELAGE ONLY--- crash recovery OK

    Looking for a Velocity Aircraft Fuselage--- Crash recovery is fine so long as the damage is limited. Do not need radios, flight equipment, or any of the Mecanicals that come along with-- No Wings, No Landing gear, not even the canard control stabalizers or engine-- (contol pedals and stick...
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    Wanted X Plane model needed

    Re: Computer 3D model 3-D models in solidworks- Currently working on military jets- Let me know if that platform works- Can deliver in many different formats Thanks Chris
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    Ducted Fans

    Correct you are my friend----- 1000hp is necessary--- But----- not impossible any more.. One thing you forgot to stipulate is How heavy that power plant would be? My current design utilizes a High output Aluminum race engine that has about a 500lbs attributed to it... along wih the paxton...
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    Thank you Shadow...... That is friken fantastic----- Q
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    Ducted Fans

    Havent read it yet.... But on my way over to do so now.... Aluminum Viper V-10--- 505HP <only 500pds>. and tourque out the wazzzooo (525ft/pds at 3500rpms) the ultimate Powerplant for experimental aircraft--- But no without a price
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    Ducted Fan propulsion

    Hey there Starman- It happens to be that I acquired 2 Turbofan Blades from a LearJet Engine during my A&P Training Class back a while ago. THe Idea I have is to recreate these Blades with Carbon FiberGlass making them extremely ridgid and significantly lighter (as opposed to Titanum)---...
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    Ducted Fans

    I notice that this thread is a bit out dated....... I would like to re-open the conversation if anyone out there is interested in moving forward on the possibilities of a cold jet.... I have a prototype that uses some principles not yet thought about (except for a couple of Experimental...