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    KR-2 cable tensions?

    Enough so it isn't sloppy and not so much it gets too stiff. I know, that isn't helpful, but that is pretty much what I would do.
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    Suggestions/feedback for new production engine

    I admire anyone delving into the new aircraft engine market and wish you luck. While I appreciate technology as much as the next guy, for the average homebuilt airplane builder there are only two considerations: cost and reliability (and possibly weight.) Your project sounds like it would...
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    Interesting bit of aviation history

    I just flew up to Utah last week. I should have stopped by and checked it out.
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    EU any recommended source of aircraft grade Al like 6061-T6 etc.

    Isn't HT30 or HF30 very similar? Widely available in UK, but check the numbers.
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    Safety Question - Seats with Headrests

    I would like a headrest so my girlfriend can sleep comfortably on long flights!
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    McCauley 76x51 prop wanted

    Anyone have one of these lying around, old but serviceable? 8 Billy pattern for an O-300. Pitch can be a little off either way, I can get it re-pitched. My old Maule isn't really happy with the current 74x60 cruise prop. Bargain basement examples preferred, I'm more or less experimenting with...
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    Take off technique

    How they wanted you to do it in primary training in WW2, go to around 17:00.
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    ISO: low wing design, tube/fabric entry level acro

    It's a mid-wing but for cheap aerobatics can you possibly beat the Tipsy Nipper? Or Barry Smiths derivative : ACRO- History All that fun and on a VW!
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    Who ever heard of Mr Longren?

    While looking at folding wing biplane designs I stumbled across the story of Albin Longren. He was apparently quite influential and a clever amateur designer who impressed a a lot of people and even the navy with his designs. He was once vice president of Cessna yet nobody ever heard of him...
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    The Lysander had an interesting flap/slat system. It was not controlled by the pilot but worked by AoA. The power I believe came from the slats,but I am not entirely sure, since I have yet to see a proper description of it anywhere. I talked to somebody who flew these a long time ago.
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    what ignition systems are people using for VW engines?

    If I was to build a VW I'd use a dual battery, stock distributor modified with dual hall effect pickups (such as Pertronix), two coils and a coil switch (available from many racing parts suppliers). I see no real benefit to dual spark plugs in an engine like this, they are the least likely...
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    what ignition systems are people using for VW engines?

    Almost 20 years a a friend of mine, David Mickleburgh, developed an electronic ignition system for VWs in England. It has been used in quite a few aeroplanes over there and is still available. It has a built in advance curve making handpropping very easy...
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    Take off technique

    I know they had limited prop clearance on some aircraft, but nowhere did I ever see them push the tail up high on a carrier take off. I assume they knew what they were doing and must have researched different take off techniques.
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    Take off technique

    I think I saw that one and the tail down attitude won. But I'm not sure how well the test was conducted, they only did a few runs each way.
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    Take off technique

    The current vogue in bush flying and popular STOL culture is to shove the stick forward at the beginning of the take off roll and the yank it back down with a more or less violent rotation. Often you see the tailwheel slapping the ground again. The argument is that lifting the tail reduced the...