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    A new idea for a UL Biplane for the UltraVair

    How about drag bracing?
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    Sunglass Lenses ?

    I assume you like the more curved, wraparound style of these glasses. The front curve is called the base curve and goes from 0 (totally flat) to a very curvy 8 or so. There should be no difficulty to get your local optometrist to make lenses for yours, which appear around 6 base, nothing...
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    Sunglass Lenses ?

    I used to make eyeglasses for a living and I have to tell you, you don't always get what you pay for. In fact, almost never. Anything with a fashion name is likely cheap stuff, just as 99% of everything out there. $300+ dollar sunglasses are rarely worth it. Bolle, Oakley etc - all made in...
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    High compression pistons in continental a65

    It was discontinued because they started to produce the C-series of engines. There was no point in making tow engines around 80-85hp. There was nothing inherently wrong with the A-80.
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    Rubber Discs for Shock Strut

    This might be worth doing some tests on. The flat discs or cylinders are very hard to compress after the initial load; as mentioned before, the spring rate goes way up beyond a certain load. Compression spring
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    replica's other than p-51 p-40

    Surprised nobody mentioned this one: ME 109 I'm not a fan of buzzing around in a scaled down fighter making machine gun noises ( I certainly was when I was 10!) but this is nice aeroplane in its own right.
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    What we think we want.

    With the current hangar shortage and costs going insane, I think folding wings will make a come-back. It's insane how often I get asked if I know anywhere that has a hangar available. And then they ask "How much?" And then they ask "HOW much?!?!" Around here it's about $400 a month, IF you...
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    This thing is gorgeous: Klemm.
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    Anyone know where to find this 1/2" X 1/2" X 1/16" T-extrusion?

    Carlson is correct. They also make an odd-shaped L-extrusion which is used in Legend aircraft ribs . I tried hard finding this too but they would not tell us where they got it, they preferred to tell us we can buy their ribs at about $100 each - if we wait ten weeks for one...
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    A few days in the biplane life, and my oldest ever passenger

    I'm curious how your stranded cable bracing compares with the streamline wires on other Hatz. Hatzes? Hatzi? The cost difference certainly buys a lot of avgas.
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    new engine supplier: based on suzuki engines

    There is a fellow here in Corona that is putting on in an Airdrome Fokker replica. I'm keeping an eye on how it works out, it's the upright 100hp version I believe.
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    Interesting Characters in Aviation.

    Back in1989/90 I used to hang out with Fred Lindsley in Brisbane Australia. I used to visit him every week, we'd have dinner with his wife Marjorie and then retire to the basement to talk aeroplanes. He was a kind of technical counselor for the local chapter of the Sport Aviation Association...
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    Is corrosion inside tubing a concern?

    I've seen more claims to the contrary; that 025 has better rust resistance then 4130. From personal experience I would say this is true; I have a lot of 1940s 1025 steel parts around my shop that show very little corrosion. Could somebody with some knowledge on the subject chime in here?
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    Insurance Went Up Again...Any Group Insurance Rates?

    She found a great deal for me a few years ago for my Maule - I paid $880 per year; $30k hull and liability. This was with no time in type, I hadn't flown much in 6 years and under 100 hrs tailwheel time! However, after two years it doubled... Because I now have almost 200 hours in it? Because...
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    Van's announces highwing RV-15

    150 HP SuperCub and decided the SC is a has been. Dan I've worked Cubs, Supercubs, Legend Cubs, Carbon Cubs, Javron Cubs and other Cub Clones. And I just don't get it. A J3 is fun for puttering around in once in a while. Most of the overpowered Cubs and clones are good at getting off the...