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Always have been interested in aircraft building, frustrated by European bureaucracy, now living and building in USA. Love old aircraft and my designs are strongly influenced by 1930's aircraft.

Currently working on Sport Pilot CFI. Occasionally drive Cessnas around around the sky , but lately mostly a Cub at Flabob Aero Club.

Interest mostly lie with homebuilts and vintage aircraft and design.
Corona CA
Current / Future projects
Own design two seat biplane, 50% done. Conventional steel/wood/fabric structure. On hold for a while.

Currently on hold while I finish the UL3 single seater, all sheet metal design.

Also have an Aeronca L3 to be restored.
Past Projects
Two seat microlight biplane to Section S rules in Britain. Got to about 90%, then left the UK and sold it unfinished. Cannot deal with the bureaucracy there anymore.


"Aeronautical engineering is highly educated guessing, worked out to five decimal places. Fred Lindsley, Airspeed."