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Jan 24, 2020 at 1:40 AM
Sep 21, 2003
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Corona CA

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Well-Known Member, from Corona CA

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Jan 24, 2020 at 1:40 AM
    1. note
    2. choppergirl
      More than 100 of the best colorized images of Allied Warbirds and Pilots of WWII, made by the best artists of the colourisation
    3. wsimpso1
      A head's up and a question. We are currently planning to depart Ann Arbor on 24 May. Barring any lost days for weather or extra sight seeing someplace, we are planning to be in your neck of the woods on 2 June. We are planning to be in SBD the night before with a cousin, so we will likely be at AJO in the am for a short visit. Well, as brief as it can be based upon your availability and conversation. Chino is really close to you guys, is Planes of Fame Museum worthy of a stop, and if so, how long should we plan?
    4. wsimpso1
      Just to make sure, you are on the field at Corona, AJO?
    5. wsimpso1
      We will be flying a PA28-181. Taking a few weeks to see people and things... Looking forward to meeting you in person.
    6. wsimpso1

      The wife and I are putting together an aerial tour of the west. We were wondering if we might be able to stop in on you, shake your hand, see your projects, and maybe talk airplanes a bit? We are figuring that California will happen in early June, and wondered if that might work?

    7. Jan Olieslagers
      Jan Olieslagers

      ...und ich bin csaba im ...

      Karel ADAMS
    8. Chuckdw
      Wow I looked for the book, Bruhn's "Analysis if Flight Vehicle Structures" almost $200, can't find it at the Houston library either. So could somebody tell me what an, Al 2024 round tube 1' & .035 wall @ 36" & @ 48" strut can handle in compression ? Thanks. I'm not an ENG, just a tech.
    9. Starman
      OK, I'll post some on that thread I started.
    10. bmcj
      Hi Peter,

      We were just wondering whatever became of Topaz. We haven't heard from him in awhile. Do you ever see him? I know he lives somewhere down toward Anaheim Hills.

      Bruce :)
    11. bmcj
      OK... getting a little smarter now... I found the conversation button. Forgive me if you get this in duplicate (triplicate?).

      I'm in Fresno now (YUK), and have been for the last 18 years. I am originally from Riverside and grew up there. I was a regular at Flabob Airport where I joined the EAA as a kid (late 60's) and participated whenever possible with Chapter One. You could find me out there whenever I wasn't in school, helping people like Flavio, Bill Turner, Ed Marquart, Jack Lambie, Art Scholl, and Jim Appleby in return for flying time or lessons (or just to help). I still try to keep close ties with the people at Flabob and try to get down there whenever possible.

      Bruce [IMG]
    12. Gray Out
      Gray Out
      Hello PT...
      Excellent work with project and pictures. How does PTU 720 sound for the UL3 = PT, that would be you, U, that would be Ultralight and 720, is the weight.? Just a thought to get you thinking.
    13. Topaz
      Wow, PT, you've made a lot of progress on the UL3 in the last few months! Very impressive!
    14. PTAirco
      At the moment my engine of choice is the MZ 201 with the belt re-drive. It keeps going up in price all the time though, but it seems a very good engine and incredibly lightweight - 70 lbs including electric starter for 45 hp.
    15. Mac790
      Wonderful galleries, which/what engine are you going to use in your UL3 project?
      Thanks for sharing these pictures with us! Carry on and keep posting.
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    Home Page:
    Corona CA
    Current / Future projects:
    Own design two seat biplane, 50% done. Conventional steel/wood/fabric structure. On hold for a while.

    Currently on hold while I finish the UL3 single seater, all sheet metal design.

    Also have an Aeronca L3 to be restored.
    Past Projects:
    Two seat microlight biplane to Section S rules in Britain. Got to about 90%, then left the UK and sold it unfinished. Cannot deal with the bureaucracy there anymore.
    Always have been interested in aircraft building, frustrated by European bureaucracy, now living and building in USA. Love old aircraft and my designs are strongly influenced by 1930's aircraft.

    Currently working on Sport Pilot CFI. Occasionally drive Cessnas around around the sky , but lately mostly a Cub at Flabob Aero Club.

    Interest mostly lie with homebuilts and vintage aircraft and design.


    "Aeronautical engineering is highly educated guessing, worked out to five decimal places. Fred Lindsley, Airspeed."
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