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    O-100-- interesting new engine

    I stopped and talked with Pete and Bill twice during the week, and this looks like such a nice engine. The new prop, if I remember right, is a 64X32, and looks great on the Crackerjack. The case castings look very clean and well thought out, as does the welded oil tank. I really think this will...
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    Oshkosh 2017

    Rockydog, definitely iron ore up there. If I would have been home, and known you were headed through SE MN, I would have had you over for a visit at my place. In any case nice to meet you the other day. Patrick
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    Dope and Fabric on a Cycle Kart

    Get on YouTube and search for Stewart Systems fabric covering. There are a bunch of videos showing the process, you don't have to use their product to get a lot of info from the videos. As mentioned, the 3M 30NF Fastbond cement is super easy to work with and water based, and the Stewart's...
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    Runway Grass Height?

    I mow 7MN3 about once a week, just did it yesterday. I mow to 2.5" and usually it's up to about 4-5" by the time it gets mowed again, depending on rain and when I can get to it. I use a 72" JD front deck diesel. If the grass is dry and not too long I can push it to about 7 mph, which gets the...
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    Has cold molding or epoxy coated wood strips ever been used for aircraft?

    I guess I should be more careful describing my project, it really should be 'inspired by KR' as nothing except the gear legs and rough size is actually KR. The wing uses different airfoils, slightly different planform to allow for real flaps, the aforementioned carbon spar with wood skins, and...
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    Has cold molding or epoxy coated wood strips ever been used for aircraft?

    On my KR derivative design, I'm planning mixed construction, trying to use materials in the most efficient way possible. When looking at wood, the best use is in skins and membrane type structures, not beams or bending members. So, my wing is designed with a carbon spar and wood skins. I don't...
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    Max altitude without pressurization but with supplemental oxygen?

    Not sure what gear he used, but Bruce Bohannen set the piston altitude record of level flight above 40k. I assume he was using a military pressure mask, pretty sure not a pressure suit though. He wasn't up there long of course, and an awful lot of training and testing lead up to the record. I...
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    Who is building/wanting a USA Part 103, or a Light Sport, or a Experimental?

    I believe the general philosophy of "if you want to own a plane, the minimum number of planes needed is 3". One fast traveler, one low and slow fun flyer, and the third should be either a helicopter or floatplane, or something capable of hard acro. My old coworkers and I used to debate this...
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    New member in southern Minnesota

    I'm over south of Rochester, so we're almost neighbors. Not a lot of true ultralights that I know of around here, but a fair number of LSA in the "looks like a cub" style. I'm working on a Pietenpol myself, but that doesn't fold or float. In any case, if you're looking for a cross country and...
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    Any rutan quickie design for 2016?

    One of the nice things about Burt's designs is that he's tall (6' 5" or so). Most were designed for his height, so even though the airframes may be small, cockpit size is often ok. Patrick
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    Steel choice substitution for flying wires?

    Thanks for all the input, I went ahead and ordered the stainless. I feel that if I can produce clean cut threads on some practice pieces they will work on the aircraft. I'm a long way from first flight, so I can make up a sample and test it periodically before I need them. At most I'll be out...
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    Steel choice substitution for flying wires?

    I am an engineer, but not a metallurgist, so it's those real world application 'gotchas' that I want to avoid. I know the stress limits are better for the 17-4, also the fracture toughness and relative brittleness are very close. In those ways I'm very comfortable with the 17-4. What I need is...
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    Steel choice substitution for flying wires?

    I agree boelube is good stuff. I'm not too concerned about the actual cutting of the threads as I have some experience with machining stainless, I'm more concerned about longevity of the finished product, and wether it will cause problems later. For what it's worth, in my experience 4130 also...
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    Steel choice substitution for flying wires?

    I am working on the tail feathers for a GN-1 Aircamper (updated, "improved" Pietenpol) and the plans call for 3/16" 4130 solid steel flying wires, threaded 10-32 on each end for terminal clevises. I can only find 4130 down to 1/4", and I'd like to leave them bare and polished anyway, so thinking...
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    Backyard bush-planes. How?

    Haven't ever had to build an airport from scratch, but did buy one already on the charts (7MN3). It's charted as private and is in ag zoned land in SE Minnesota. I highly recommend having your own strip if you can find a way to do it, there's nothing like being able to fly out of your own...