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    Alpi Pionner 200 and auxiality underseat fuel tank

    Hi. I got answer that they cancelled under seat tanks and not producing them anymore. I can't get any more informations.. Thats why I'm trying here.
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    Alpi Pionner 200 and auxiality underseat fuel tank

    Hi. I'm looking any informations, pictures about under seat 17l fuel tanks for pioneer 200. Unfortunately they are not selling it anymore.
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    Affordable engine monitor?

    I have this one MiniEIS You have everything what you're need in one small box. Nice color, display with alerts.
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    Yaesu ft230 handheld

    Hi. I'm using fta720 and previously vxa-300 and vxa-700. I'm very happy with yaesu and I think it's much more betted choose than icom (a24 for eg.). Why? I hadn't never problem with yaesu radios (ham and aviation). In yaesu with similar price to icom you always got more features. For eg. i...
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    Becker AMP6400-2 transponder programming

    pwood66889: In mode-s transponder you have to set (program) transponder ICAO code assigned to aeroplane, type of aeroplane, speed range, weight and several items. If you'll buy used mode-s and install in your aeroplane ATC will see you with wrong callsign. In for eg. garmin you can just set it...
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    Becker AMP6400-2 transponder programming

    It's no problem but in Poland it's expensive. You have to buy cable for 100EUR, it's about 400-500zł and I'm sure that this cable is normal TTL converter... Strange politic to make "magic address plug". In Garmin GTX for ex. you can re-program xpdr by special sequence of buttons.
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    ELT Mode C and lights - school me

    Who mode-C? It should be Mode-S transponder for now.
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    Becker AMP6400-2 transponder programming

    I see, but you misunderstood me. I'm looking only for programming cable and software for Becker. I'd like to program factory made address key for Becker so no home made part will participate in flight.
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    Becker AMP6400-2 transponder programming

    100USD + availability in Poland.. Why illegal? If I use officially assigned ICAO code, it would be ok. For example in Garmin you can re-program it using xpdr keypad and don't need special programmer.
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    Becker AMP6400-2 transponder programming

    Hi. I'm trying to make my own AMP6400-2 Becker address module programmer. I'm looking for software for it or maybe any tips, diagrams..
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    KT-71 manual

    Hi. I'm looking for installation manual or pinout for King KT-71 transponder. It's removed from citation (no faceplate, 5v light) and I'd like addopt it to my ultralight but I can't find any documentation.
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    Post pictures of your cockpit with instruments here...

    My TL-132 Condor OK-RUA-27. Equipped in VFR night lights (red+uv).
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    VHF antenna magic

    Ok, it's not end of magic. I have good SWR 1:1,3 - 1:1,4 on solid antenna but the problem is i have very bad reception of portable stations on aerodrome. In another plane I can hear the same radio for a few kilometers, on my I have problem to understand when I'm downwind... I tried to replace...
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    How to make own VOR/ILS/GS antenna

    Hi, we're talking about TL-132 metal mesh + fabric I'd like to feed my sl-30 and use ILS/GS only for training, I'm not planning to land IMC.
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    How to make own VOR/ILS/GS antenna

    HI. I have garmin SL-32 and I'd like to enable nav part of this radio. I thinking about make home-build VOR/LOC/GS antenna. Maybe someone have any diagrams of this?