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    Cloud White-out & spin; does he live ?

    Nut on a string for me .
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    Propeller size for minmax using 1/2 VW

    54x24 is about 28HP
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    Peter does it again

    Gorrilla glue for the foam wing halves. Yes he does a nice, smart job and gets stuff done .
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    Flight Club - Ultralight Build Log

    As prior posted. I gave up on the nose cap. I disliked the hard edge at the rear . I removed the paper and used extra half ribs. I like my airfoil imperfections in line with airflow . The paper is glued on very well with Gorilla glue . Better than epoxy. Either will work . Scallop the...
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    The AFB (Amazing FleaBike)

    I used right around 2. Tried from zero to 4 Trim for best landing .
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    The AFB (Amazing FleaBike)

    The rear wing will make right around 62% per sq ft lift of the front wing due to the wake. The airfoils good on the Flea are most reflexed foils . The 43015/13 works very well and easy to cut. The 23015 is kinda standard but has a sharper stall and fall value. My 43015 could mush at 60%...
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    The AFB (Amazing FleaBike)

    Right. The 293 is a bit too high also. 6*? Gets the tail up but the thrust line is way too low. My Friends '293(modded to have some wing gap ) had it set up to about 4 and we moved the engine about 1/2 in up at the front mount. Ran out of room at that point but it was better. Mostly the...
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    The AFB (Amazing FleaBike)

    I hope that your rearwing mount has some adjustment . It is very steep . The rear wing will fly at plus 2 degrees regardless of the front wing. That puts the engine at minus 6 when it should be zero ish.
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    Suitable airframes for industrial engines?

    I had a Headwind /VW .It was hard to get out of. Easier getting in then out . Too big for the Baby V twins to tug around IMHO . Maybe with downsizing the fuse tubing a couple sizes,and using a cleaner airfoil with a little more wing .
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    The AFB (Amazing FleaBike)

    Hard to draw the load paths that it will see and do a paper test. Much easier to build it and set it up and give it a twist. Plus the actual loading stress will check all of the joints etc. Build it break it move to MK 2 version.
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    The lack of portability ( hi hangar costs ) killed ULs imop

    My Puch pitbike/ moped has a hitch. I'm still knocking the dominoes down to get enough space in the garage to build the wing spars and test them .
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    Peter Sripol is at it again...

    I'm doing the same. Sheet the flat bottom between the spars. Set the upper ribs on the sheet. Stiff and drag controlled. My spars are at 28% and 90% tho.
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    The AFB (Amazing FleaBike)

    Might consider extending the lower seating strut to the upper engine mount for a stronger/straighter load path for the engine thrust.
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    Welding crankshaft warpage?

    Yes, Hop scotch/sticth weld. Spin it on the lathe.
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    Peter Sripol is at it again...

    RE the 2 post above this / No diagonal/drag strength. Take every other rib and add some angle inside of the spar box to prevent the structure from paralleling. You can use paper over the solid foam but it dents easy. Works fine tho and paints with latex well.