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    home built aircraft

    Re: Power hei craig thanks for responding. you are saying correct but i thought of atleast 2 engine of about 125 cc. but if it is not ossible then you suggest me about the design. with least possible cost. people says that its not possible but i want to make it possible plz tell...
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    home built aircraft

    Re: Certainly [B]Hi craig you can give me advice and tips on building airplanes. i want to built an aircraft with the wood and metal sheets and with an automobile engine of about 125 or 150cc. i could be a small aircraft for only one person idont know about steel tube and fibreglass. there...
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    home built aircraft

    can any one help me in making a aircraft with all the components buyed from local market and automobile engine in india.aircraft like mc-10 cri cri. prateek