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    Geodetic Construction Resources

    Curt, please share more about the airplane when you have a chance.
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    Geodetic Construction Resources

    There is a small aircraft historical society in Oregon that has a geodetic fuselage hanging their building. I can't remember if it is Player's Plaything or one of the other's mentioned in Powells article. If close it would be a good resource to study. Look up Oregon Outlaws.
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    Can you name these old airplanes.

    The one in the air looks like a B-23.
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    GM LE2 engine conversion

    Thank you for sharing your experience. Doing things online can get interesting so anytime someone shares a real project that is going through development and construction it is appreciated.
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    What did you do on your airplane project today?

    Peter Garrison has dealt with this on his plane. Website is he reversed the intake on his engine to try to cool the induction temp if I remember correctly.
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    Sig Wonder planform

    The center section looks a lot like the Fauvel improvement in Tailless Aircraft in Theory and Practice.
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    Flight Control "Harmony"

    Go to an engineering library with a reciprocal arrangement with your local library and check out a copy. Be very careful leaving it too close to your scanner. You could suffer electronic osmosis of information on to your hard drive.
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    Flight Control "Harmony"

    One of Flying magazine's Aftermath columns was about the GP-4. Garrison spoke with Mr. Pereira who verified that some of the flying qualities required experience to deal with. Darrol Stinton has a book on flying qualities. That might provide some guidance. Also look at the NACA tech reports on...
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    Single-seat ultralight puddlejumper: the "Carbonmax"

    23 ish?!? Harry Riblett is rolling over in his grave. LOL
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    What kind of hang glider were you flying when you found twist worked better at low speeds? Was it a straight or tapered wing?
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    Wood Construction Resources

    Wonderful! Between Drew Fidoe, RS Hoover and the above references you should be able to test the material to see what strength it has. Then you can head down to Ace Hardware for a $7.99 container of certified Weldwood and you are on your way.
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    Wood Construction Resources

    Drew's info on grading and testing seemed like the most useful article. Identifying aircraft quality wood at a normal, local lumber yard could save a lot of money.
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    Wood Construction Resources

    The Fly Baby Home Page See the Tech Talk section. Frequent contributor Ron Wanttaja has collected info on practical home testing of wood.