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    Parts For Sale Plans for sale

    When you build from old plans you will be getting some education copying others LOL. Seriously though these are basic. There is a 34 page builders manual, full size rib template and a large general arrangement plan of the basic structure.
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    Parts For Sale Plans for sale

    Culling the herd. No warranty or guarantee of these being complete. These are all on paper; if there is a serial number, I mentioned it in the description. Prices do not include shipping costs. Teenie two. Serialized, latest revision mentioned on plans 6-7-94. Plans are stained but readable...
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    Breezy BubblePlane

    Jedi, when I think of the ideal plane I always think of your picture your feet way up in the air. Sooo cool!
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    rear spar bending load

    I thought the point of the rear spar being flexible was to force the main spar to take all the loads and keeping the structure determinate.
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    Propeller to cowl clearance

    Page 118 might have the info you are looking for. I have to read this paper many times to understand it LOL
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    Propeller to cowl clearance

    In Mike Arnold's first video he said the AR-5 aerodynamics created an aerodynamic spinner without a spinner. Another example is a WAR P-47 which had a solid front cowl with a few holes for cooling. I know the formula one guys li!e prop extensions but the above examples had none with no real...
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    What did you do on your airplane project today?

    For all of us who do our aviating vicariously through you, YES it is very exciting!
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    Cavalier 102.5 Support these days

    Wooden Aviation- Home I have never dealt with these guys but here is the link
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    Bonanza Center Section Structural Test

    The Bonanza was designed to be pretty light. Pazmany had a Herb Rawdon reference about weights in his design book. As I remember the skins are pretty thin and the forward tab that Pipers have to deal with high angle of attack loads don't exist on Bonanzas because that is the fuel tank bay if I...
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    Bonanza Center Section Structural Test

    Thanks for your comments! I put this on as an example of comparing classical and modern analysis techniques. The test values exceeded some of the original design estimates which I found interesting.
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    Bonanza Center Section Structural Test

    Comparison of structural analysis solutions with tests
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    Attention ScaleBirdsScott!

    Congrats on the nice comments from Mark Phelps on Avweb. You are also in their poll!
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    Lift off today

    You need to make Larry your new best friend LOL
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    Jack Norris books on propeller design & theory of flight

    Please share his design advice here! Especially if its only 10 pages