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    Storage of Composite wings

    I am storing some composite wings in a Trailer. Was thining of putting 2x4 lumber accross the trailer to put one of the wings on. Is there any way to pad the 2x4 so it does not damage the wing? Have not come up with a good solution. PErhaps is there some good rubber padding to wrap the...
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    Storage of removable wings

    How does one store removable wings? Are there commercial solutions like shelves or perhaps a dolly with wheels? Does anyone have a home built solution?
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    avionics (garmin 696) screen cleaner

    What should one use to clean the non-glare garmin screen from fingerprints?
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    Fighter Stick grip

    Does anyone know where I can purchase a fighter stick grip? I looked at Spruce Aircraft and did not find one that looks like the modern fighters. Thank you
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    experimental exhibition to homebuilt?

    Please help. I have halfway purchased a german factory built airplane which is registered in the "experimental exhibition" category. I would like to know how to obtain an AWC in the "experimental homebuilt" category. There are folks that have bought these planes and done some work on them...