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    Yaesu ft230 handheld

    Hey everyone, i was was wondering if anyone had any experience with any Yaesu radio products? I haven't been able to find enough information from buyer reviews to make an informed desicion between Yaesu and Icom products, so any thoughts are welcome. I need a handheld for my primary comms in a...
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    A-65 taper shaft

    Is it a -8 case with a taper shaft crankshaft? Does it have log books? Has it retained its certification or has it transitioned into the experimental category? I need the right paperwork too:ermm:
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    A-65 taper shaft

    I'm looking for either a good running engine or useable cylinders, thanks!
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    A-65 taper shaft

    Good evening folks, I am looking for a low time a-65 taper shaft in running condition for a Luscombe 8A some where in the northeastern USA or thereabouts. At the very least I am trying to find some serviceable cylinders! Any help or leads would be great, thank you.
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    Luscombe 8A Questions

    The pre buy is also conveniently being done by my instructor, who happens to also be a mechanic for mostly vintage airplanes, and wears a little super cape :)
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    Luscombe 8A Questions

    Good Evening Everyone, So I've got my eye on a Luscombe 8A. I'm planning on looking it over and was wondering if anyone had any experience or pointers for common problems. This one is setup with the stock C-65 (~1500 hr SMOH, but sale comes with a 400 hr spare), Cleveland brakes, ragwings...
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    Orginal Panels: How far would you go to save

    I think I am going much more for the Rhinebeck Aerodrome approach... restored to original yet functional. When its done it will be one of maybe 3 in the world that are not permanent, non flying museum displays, and I fully intend on flying it.
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    Orginal Panels: How far would you go to save

    My thought is it's survived on the plane for 80 years, why not make it last another 80? Its not functionally un-airworthy, but it won't stand up to a EAA judges fine tooth comb either...
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    Orginal Panels: How far would you go to save

    Good Evening All, Quick question about using original parts (Sheet metal). If you had the choice of spending 12-20 hours reworking an original panel or 2-4 hour fabricating a new one for an 80 year old airframe, which would you do? I thought the answer was easy but after talking with some...
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    American Eaglet Primer Question

    Good Afternoon Folks, I was wondering if any one was familiar with the Stits EP-420 primer system? I am planning on using it for my fuselage tube frame (American Eaglet B-31) and I'm not sure how much I should pick up? I think a quart will do, there is a fair amount of catalysis involved...
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    Franklin engines: any good?

    I mean its all relative... part availability is lot better than my 31 Szekely Engine... In 4 years of searching I've found one part and it was for the wrong model :)
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    Help! Wooden Spar Repair

    Hey Guys, So I know you can repair cracked and broken spars, but can you repair a spar with a spot of dry rot on it? I've been browsing the regs and can't find anyone who has or any guidance on the subject. Basically, the Eaglet has a 1.5" by 4" spot of dry rot on the aft spar, left wing, next...
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    Buying Fabric...

    I'm covering my American Eaglet B-31. The fuselage and tail feathers are almost ready! Thanks for all the tips, lots of research is in order!
  14. piperpilot1363

    Buying Fabric...

    Good Evening All, So I'm beginning to shop for certified fabrics and I naturally gravitated towards Polyfiber. Are there any other major fabric systems you might recommend or suggest that can be used on a certified airframe? I'm curious about any serious advantages to other systems that I...
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    Is AN-2 safest one? and AN-2 parts good start for baby pilot?

    Just a few details I wanted to add: Fuel burn is around 45 gph (per AOPA) You can fly them in the US under experimental with the right paperwork, kind of like those V8 Seabees. Its a pain, and no paying passengers. My thoughts: I want one, but its very restricted, and very, very big. As a...