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    J-3 Assembly Manual?

    I have a PDF copy of the Piper J-3 Service Manual, and at the back of that, there is an Assembly Manual for the Cub. However, the resolution isn't very good on my copy and I can't see the actual details of what size bolts, washers, etc. are used. Does anyone have a high-res version of the...
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    Post your Builder's Log website Here.

    Hello everyone! Just getting started on the next project, but here is a link to my build site for our Wag Aero Clipped Wing Sport Trainer --
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    Clipped Wing Wag Aero Sport Trainer - Rigging Information

    I am planning on using wood spars, and you are correct that the Wag clipped supplemental plans calls for shortening the root of the spar and leaves full length ailerons. I definitely will need to adjust my mental model with the welded frame fuselage not having the precision of a sheet metal plane.
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    Clipped Wing Wag Aero Sport Trainer - Rigging Information

    Thanks for the info and perspective -- I did actually find rigging information, CG changes for the clipped wing conversion, etc. over on There are two additional docs that Piper produced that had this information. I am feeling more comfortable now that I have this info -- the only...
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    Clipped Wing Wag Aero Sport Trainer - Rigging Information

    Hello all! This is my first official post on -- as you can see from my profile, I have previously built an RV-7, and I now have a set of plans and am planning for a Clipped Wing Wag Aero Sport Trainer project. I have seen posts that the plans are...umm...somewhat...