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    Suitable airframes for industrial engines?

    There has been a lot of discussion about off the shelf or lightly modified industrial engines. In my google and utube searches most of the aircraft using these motors seem to be trikes and powered parachutes. I am more interested in fixed wing. Are there any existing and suitable airframes out...
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    Anyone here living in an Airpark Community?

    I don't now but did 20 years ago. I could sit at the dining room table and watch the planes come and go. If you like to fly and build it doesn't get much better. having neighbors who share your interests was nice too.
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    Build area tips and advice

    A clean clear wall. I liked to thumb tac my blueprints I was using in a nice neat row.
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    Add-On Starter for A65 Continental

    somewhere out there is an article about a guy who used a cordless drill to make a starter for an A65, as I recall he was pleased with it. Back issue of Contact?
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    Wood and metal and apples and oranges

    I think what you like to work with and have the skills for is more important. I love woodworking but hate glue, I was a certified welder but tubing is too much like work. Aluminum on the other hand is clean, non toxic and doesn't stick to everything. I found working with it easy to learn too...
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    The Hundred Rules of Homebuilding

    If you have the time the money will come.
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    Need Suggestions for First Build

    What ever you decide on make sure you locate an example you can touch and sit in. Years ago when Mike Fisher still had the company I was seriously wanting to build one of the Horizons. I made a trip to his shop to look at them close up. I'm a big guy with a touch of arthritis and could barely...
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    Missing in action- emojis lost in cyberspace?

    we don't need em and that banana was the most annoying thing ever.
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    Titanium isn't harder to work with just different. I spent 35 years certified to weld everything from A ( aluminum)to Z (zirconium). It was by far my favorite thing to weld. I have machined it and prefer it to stainless. IT is also very expensive.
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    ROTAX 503ul DUCATI

    Might want to brush up on your math
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    Lets Build a Lightweight Type 4

    Its been done before, search the back issues of Contact!
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    V4 1/2 LS

    I just read an article this morning about the Ford V4 in the April issue of Classic Car, according to them it weighs 265 lbs.
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    Thanks for sharing that. I caught myself grinning several times. Some time ago Great Planes had a red one featured on their catalog. I met the guy who built it and got to sit in it. I'm a big guy and it was really tight. Contact had an article about a guy who built a larger wing to tame it down...
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    What engine would YOU build

    For me there is no need to reinvent the wheel. air cooling direct drive and opposed cylinders have worked very well for a long time. I'll take the basic bones of an O-300 and add todays EFI and ignition.