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    Least expensive way to 200 + Hp ?

    How much weight is actually saved in a automotive engine by springing for the aluminum block ,heads etc ?
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    Totally new type of IC engine.

    all those small motors (bumps) on the wing remind me of a plane I used to see at birch wood Alaska with bumps on the wing leading edge. Something about swimming whale technology?
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    Pushers...way to go ?

    Good point.!!! Look at the original Wright flyer and tell me which it is!
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    Parts For Sale BMW M73 V12 engine $400

    Lol I used to be the roll off guy the finds can be amazing ! Had a guy order our largest He had inherited his brothers house which was completely full of books and he moaned and grown about every one of them as he carried them out and threw them in the roll off he complained about every one...
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    Gross weight increases for 'stretched' aircraft

    Is that 3000# a Canadian thing only ? How about the 2400# choice ?
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    Roomy high wing options?

    Is this a stc for a pacer ? The wider part really interests me! Or is it a experimental or part of a kit ?
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    Airplane For Sale Savoia Marchetti S-56-B Hull

    I kinda like the 3 engine idea
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    Airplane For Sale Savoia Marchetti S-56-B Hull

    Pretty close to my seaplane from a float idea. Certainly functionality the same.
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    Airplane For Sale Savoia Marchetti S-56-B Hull

    Good lord was it a tank in a previous life ?
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    Regulatory question: Two tail position lights

    Just connect the two lights with fiber optics ,wire long bolts everything you can then call it a single light if you need too.
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    Least expensive way to 200 + Hp ?

    Your right what I want is a good combination of all of these .Like most things aviation I’m willing to do the trade off for more money I expect more performance etc. Right now I got a Telya I’m definitely leaning towards a Mid time certified engine. I guess there’s a lot to be said for...
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    Full span flaps and separate full Span ailerons?

    Have you ever seen triangular shaped flaps so a foot wide at the root and tapering to like an inch at the tip ? I guess the only way you would see that happen will be on a flapperon ?
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    Least expensive way to 200 + Hp ?

    1 ? I want at least 200 but if there is a easy cheap reliable etc lighter choice I didn’t want to rule it out
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    STOL verses bush aircraft

    I think you’ve got the definitions wrong but my name is not Webster so you might be right. I think of Bush Planes as the suppliers to remote villages mines etc. I think Of back country planes As planes that are expected to be able to takeoff after landing on things that are not runways. I think...
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    Full span flaps and separate full Span ailerons?

    Lol you guys are asking me how do do it? The reason I asked is I didn’t have a clue how ! I’ve given it some thought and there seems like a few obvious ways to go about it Full span flaps attached to the wing and ailerons either above or below either full span or partial . The vice versa For...