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    Free Airplane

    Zlin Norden Mine was the impossible we do immediately, miracles take a little longer.
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    engine for CH-801

    Is it a PZL or American made?
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    Van's announces highwing RV-15

    I'd say one is two to many
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    Any Little Wing gyro owners here?

    the perdue n503ag is in fl
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    Any Little Wing gyro owners here?

    have you look over at
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    Fastener Orientation

    The AC was replaced about 20yrs ago to FAA-G-8083-30A Good luck
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    Homemade floats

    Straight Float Plans 1300/1500lbs all metal Wag-Aero Online Store - North-Aire Float Drawing Good luck
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    PI r square NO PI r round Cornbread r square
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    new member intro

    If you haven't checked this site, you should. - Home of the Sonerai Community - Index Good luck in your build
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    Density Altitude Nine Deadly Sins

    I attended Mr Anderson presentation many years ago. Learned a lot and have a VCR tape of the presentation. Your link is basically the same, but a more professional production. I had intended on using it during ground school, if I ever started to teach. This link is one of the films he showed...
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    welding: precautions against damage to the plane.

    I would remove the whiskey compass before welding, you may have to degauss the airframe when your done welding.
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    VAL COM 760 radio or VAL COM 2000 radio

    If you buy a new val direct from the company before Dec31 they will give you a discount look under the special button. Special Offers - VAL Avionics LTD. Good Luck If you go with a handheld use a external antenna. If thinking of getting this handheld-...
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    Plans for sale or trade.

    This looks like a good deal for Bearhawk Patrol Plans. Bearhawk Patrol Plans | eBay
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    OMG what have I done. a Fairchild 24 has risen from the deep.

    For Restoration Inspiration check this out Fairchild Restoration He no longer owns it, but is a wealth of information. Good luck