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    Not so complicated but proven conversion?

    I get that you want to contribute, you all you said was 'some guy told me some other guy's plane etc etc etc'. Do you have anything do flesh out this statement? You can say this about anything.
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    Scratch Built Radials

    Looks cool, but not flyable. Airboat motor? Sure. But in the front of an AC? That gear system looks heavy and those jugs don't seem to have the same cooling area as a Lyco-saur.
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    Anyone turn in an engine as a 'core'?

    I was told many moons ago that cases and cranks were used after testing if within serviceable specs. Even for a zero timed engine, as if the part, ANY part, meets factory new dimensions, it can be used as new. Not sure how true that is, but it sounds legit because that's what you are buying, a...
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    Anyone turn in an engine as a 'core'?

    I don't think that local shops would give near the core value that Lycoming would. Factory engines are legally new engines (if you pay). I've done lots of automotive cores and you can basically send in anything, but a $20 caliper != $7000 engine credit, I just don't think engine sellers...
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    Anyone turn in an engine as a 'core'?

    I was forwarded a copy of the core turn in requirements and Lycoming is very strict (on paper). Must be running, must be complete, must be serviceable. You can only exhange like for like. So you have a goofy one off engine? Your core is only good towards that engine purchase, not a general...
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    Not so complicated but proven conversion?

    One thing that COMPLETELY baffles me is that people will spend $10k+ on an motor from a rando on the internet and not spend another $500 to put the **** thing on a dyno and get some real world numbers and tuning. You can bet that I have already talked to three local tuners that will take my...
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    Anyone turn in an engine as a 'core'?

    Thanks for the reply. I've posted an several forums and you're the only person to actually post on the process. I figured that there were only a few parts they really wanted, but I am unclear on if they NDT the case and crank first or just accept anything on the pallet. Giving away thousands...
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    Anyone turn in an engine as a 'core'?

    did they do an inspection or just accept the core and logs and issue a credit?
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    Anyone turn in an engine as a 'core'?

    What was the process? Did you get listed price? Only as a credit? Thanks!
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    Zongshen aero engines available in Europe

    You cannot patent an engine. You can patent a part, or a process, but not an engine. The ICE patenent ran out long before China even knew what an airplane was.
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    Scale ME-262

    The restrictions on the R&D catagory are quite strict. This would not be the same as Amateur Built (E/AB)
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    Legal question about copyright

    But a patent rarely covers the entire 'thing' like an airplane. You could have a flap mechanism patent, but not the wing. Even new airliner wings are not patented (shape, performance) but the process and materials to make it (say a specific process to cure epoxy with specific characteristics)...
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    Working on an airplane on the ramp

    Won't last. Had one and wind basically ate it up. Maybe if you just used the metal supports and made a decent UV/Waterproof covering, but you'd be well into the $500+ range. I would not want to be out on a ramp working on anything major. Take it home, take it to another airfield or beg for...
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    Laser cut 6061-T6 ? or use a router ???

    Not any more. New fiber lasers cut that down to a few thou (definitely less than .005) which is little more than a pass with a file or wheel. Not sure why people are all upset about super clean edges.. ever see what a pair of snips can to do aluminum?
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    Spark redundancy.

    Well ABS/Traction control are not critical. Running out of fuel or getting a speeding ticket.. also not critical to the safe operation of the vehicle. Knowing what gear you are in? Now we're talking safety, that's why there are always at least two indicators (dash and shifter). I 100% plan...