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    Franklin Sport 4 engine

    Legally anyone could produce any motor in service now. Almost every patent is gonna be long expired. Problem is your gonna need to build name recognition, brand loyalty and prove reliability. LS1's a very good motors. They are even STC'd into multiple certificated AC. No one ever seems to...
  2. pfarber

    New Gear Box?

    Sounds like that PSRU is specifically for their scaled v12 motor. It emphasizes aerobatic flight, something 99% of homebuilts will never need. So while most likely a neat project... its not something you're bolt to an LS1 anytime soon... and at the price I can guess at, you could simply buy...
  3. pfarber

    1/2 O-200

    How is that a bad thing? I bet that you have no idea of the number of engines that have PSRUs and were considered the greatest engines of their time?? Its hilarious that you would even entertain the amount of work/trouble to cut an engine completely in half, resign the accessories from...
  4. pfarber

    Logic and FAA engine rules ?

    OP is jumping all over the place with terms. There is experimental as in EAB and also special airworthiness experimental. They are like oil and water. They do not mix. Also, the FAA 18 months of experience for taking your powerplant tests and O and P have to cover way more things than just...
  5. pfarber

    EAA 3DExperience.. worth it or not?

    From what I can tell, the connection is not used much. You actually install SW (or some part of it) on your local PC. And you can save locally. You can also use it (for a time) without a connection. Are you saying that this is not correct? Using a SOLIDWORKS Product in Offline Mode When you...
  6. pfarber

    Doing your own annual?

    you cant fly standard/eab under basic med? what what??
  7. pfarber

    Doing your own annual?

    Please show me the FAR that allows an A&P to sign off a 100hour/conditional inspection he did not perform.
  8. pfarber

    6061-T6 engine mount?

    Wait, exhaust gases melting aluminum? Like thick plate Al? Wow, just wow. Next is fires from a fuel leak melting Al? Is that in Part 21? We need to get rid of fuel in wings becuase it might explode or catch fire. Wow. Just wow.
  9. pfarber

    Engine debate and choices?

    Its not about agreeing ir disagreeing but just going way O.T. If you ask a question on a public forum i would want/expect both good and bad things pointed out. A post that claims you are wrong is good,one that can prove you are wrong is great. A post that is O.T. is just noise that, if so...
  10. pfarber

    Engine debate and choices?

    A typical auto conversion thread off the rails again. Just another reason why thread starters should have mod abilites on threads they create.
  11. pfarber

    EAA 3DExperience.. worth it or not?

    Have you used the software or not? I really only want to know about the software.
  12. pfarber

    EAA 3DExperience.. worth it or not?

    I read the web site and the app is physically on your pc but a few functions are on the 3D server, depending on the ROLE you are logged on as. You can export files, and also save locally. You can work offline but some things will not be available. Again you have SOLIDWORKS on your PC. For...
  13. pfarber

    EAA 3DExperience.. worth it or not?

    I just deleted the old copy of solidworks I had via the EAA. Has anyone actually used the 3DExperince suite? It is worth the money? Is it useable over an LTE tethered connection or do I need 100Mbps to make it useful? I have the option to get Solidworks Student Edition for $99, the EAA...
  14. pfarber

    Goodyear wheels and brakes

    Any real mechanic knows that a Goodyear manual may not be approved or acceptable by the FAA. Only the Cessna SM is known the be. Also, while the Cessna SM does cover just about all allowed repairs to the Goodyear wheels/brakes, many repair steps are laughably bad and so vague as to be useless...
  15. pfarber

    Goodyear wheels and brakes

    Any idea on a source of rivets for the retainer springs or any parts/service info? I have a Cessna service manual from the 60s and it contains very limited information. Its comically bad how little information is in what would have been a 'current' service manual.