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    Chevrolet engines

    Re: 4.3L It was the August 2002 issue of "Hot Rod". This engine, all iron, weighs in at about 425# including induction and exhaust, but you could get that below 400# with aluminum heads and wayyy down there with a nice expensive aluminum block. It made 300hp at 5600rpm 275hp at...
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    Composite Tube Fabrication Methods

    Why not use cardboard tube, like used for wrapping paper, wrapped in packing tape? You could pour water in, then pull the cardboard and tape out in clumps. If compression/deformation is an issue, use thicker wall tube. I'm sure some online paper supply company would have some thickwall...
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    Looking for words of wisdom...

    The Bearhawk meets most of those criteria - I think it does 150mph.
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    "Combo planes"

    Interesting, I hadn't thought of the foam sandwich as that heavy. I have hotwired a sample wing in foam before, and it seemed that one could assemble wings very, very quickly using this method. Not sure about wood, but I figure most of the cuts are crosscuts and a good miter saw is all...
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    "Combo planes"

    It seems that with hotwiring, a composite wing bolted to a tube and cloth or aluminum structure might be nice. The Bearhawk, for example.
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    "Combo planes"

    Rag&tube/aluminum planes like the Bearhawk and wood/rag&tube designs (Legal Eagle, Pietenpol) seem to be abundant, but I am interested in examining a plane with an aluminum/composite combo construction. Anyone know of such a design?
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    Advice on choosing a STOL kit/plans aircraft

    I can't think of any that are plastic composite, but you might want to look at the Bearhawk - it meets the rest of your criteria and it can haul a mack truck. I do like The Zenith as well, but I'd bet the Bearhawk could be a 5 seater with kids easily. Lots of builder support.
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    I ordered my e-plans at 10pm and got them at 5:00am the next day. FYI.
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    2-seat version of Affordaplane or similar?

    I am looking for a very quick build, plans built, 2 seat "open air" plane, kind of like the affordaplane or ultralight trainers I've seen. I realize this won't be part 103 legal, which is fine. Cheap is good too. Any ideas?
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    Brake Idea On mine, I will be using one of the new bicycle disc brake setups you see nowadays. The caliper is cable operated, with a small (maybe 6" diameter) very thin disc attached. Gotta be lighter than the drum brakes. http://www.thorusa.com/formula.htm...