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Pete Plumb
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Oct 9, 2018
Oct 23, 2014
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Pete Plumb

Well-Known Member, from SHAFTER, CA

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Oct 9, 2018
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      Looking forward to talking with you. Grant Smith 425 495 7946.
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    Current / Future projects:
    Crackerjack 2, Pegasus O-100. In the shop right now: Right and left upper Staggerwing beach wings, right and left upper 4-aileron Stearman wings, Bowlus Baby Albatross wings.
    Past Projects:
    Cracker Jack Sport Plane
    I began flying very young and soloed gliders at 14 and power at 17. I started Wood Wing Specialty, an FAA Repair Station for wood aircraft structures, in 1976 and was my main source of income for 38 years. I've built hundreds and hundreds of wings "too beautiful to cover" for Stearmans, Cubs, Aeroncas Pitts, Commonwealths, Bellanca, Porterfield, Waco, etc. etc. etc. I designed the all-wood Cracker Jack Sport Plane in 1978 and flew it and marketed plans in 1982. I was a crew member on the Gossamer Condor project when it was here at Shafter and later on the Gossamer Albatross and Penguin. I had the privilege of flying both these famous aircraft as well as the HPA-1, a human powered plane designed by my childhood hero, Taras Kicenuik. I was an early hang glider pioneer flying many hours successfully in a bamboo and black plastic hang glider of my own design (inspired by Taras' Batso shown in National Geographic). There are no diplomas to prove my competence with aerodynamics or aircraft structural analysis but an intense passion and desire to know all I can in these sciences have driven me to become somewhat of an authority in the design of wood structures and stable, nice flying aircraft. I'm always excited to share my ideas, experiences and knowledge with other designers so feel free to contact me.

    More recently, I designed and fabricated the prototype O-100 (half O-200) engine soon to be marketed as a kit manufactured under license by Pegasus Power Systems, Inc. The O-100 was my solution to a reliable, economical engine for my new Crackerjack 2 LSA.

    I hold private pilot certs for ASEL, GLIDER. and A&P MECHANIC. I'm an active hang glider pilot with foot launch and aero-tow ratings. I own and fly regularly a 1940 Aeronca 65TC, a Cessna 150 and the prototype Cracker Jack Sport.

    Homebuilts, wood aircraft, Stearman, Cub, Aeronca, hang gliding, soaring, R/C
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