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    2 solonoids or just one?

    I am going to use a Compoiste Design power panel in the Lightning that I am building. This has a split power toggle switch on it (master/alternator). The panel wants to see power from a battery solonoid (like a Cessna), and not wired direct. My engine is a Jabiru 3300 and most of the aircraft...
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    pinouts for TruTrak Pictorial Turn and Bank

    Actually, the pictorial pilot is a different item. But your next emssage is exactly what I am looking for, many thanks!
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    pinouts for TruTrak Pictorial Turn and Bank

    I sm installing a TruTrak Pictorial Turn and Bank and discovered that I can not find my instructions. I need the pinouts for the three pin connector on the back. Does anyone have one of these? Jim!
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    Wiring for TruTrak Pictorial Turn and Bank

    I am getting ready to wire up my TruTrak Pictorial Turn and Bank and found that I have lost the wiring diagram! The connector is a 3 pin military type, labeled "A" "B" "C" for the pins in a triangular arrangement. Has anyone used this, or would know what the pin arrangement is? Thanks Jim!
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    Help with my rats nest!

    Thanks Don> The EFIS that I am using has internal cold compensation. I just read the Thermocouple chapter in the Aeroelectric book, Very informative reading. Anyway, it appears that I can indeed cut the wire short, and even if necessary, extend...
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    Help with my rats nest!

    I have a problem. In wiring the 12 Thermocouples for my Jabiru 3300 to my RDAC, I find that there doesn't seem to be a way to keep everything neat. I have extended the wiring for two of the TCs, but some of the wire is too long and I have to coil it. Now I basically have a rats nest around the...
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    Breakers and switches

    I am getting ready to wire up my panel Some of the people that I talk to are of the opinion that while everything has some kind of breaker on it, anything that is switched on and off could use a breaker-switch and save the breakers only for the stuff that is not switched on or off. Here is my...
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    Homebuilt LSA Requirements

    I was looking at a Sonex and asked about the owner flying off the hours of the newly built aircraft along with the newly built Aerovee engine kit. Here was his reply which confused me a bit... FAA requires only 5 hours flight time for aircraft registered as an "LSA". If the same aircraft...
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    Rocker Switches?

    Good catch Wally. I didn't think about the voltage of the lamps. I'll check some of the auto parts distributors. $40.00 a pop for this kind of switch from Gulf Coast is a bit pricy for my taste. That's why I am looking for an alternate source.
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    Rocker Switches?

    I am looking for some rocker switches to use in my airplane. I like what I have found at Gulf Coast Avionics, but they are pushing $39.00 each! Here are some that are lighted and much less. What do you guys think...
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    In-Fuse Antenna

    Have any of you guys used an in the fuse antenna? Here is one at Aircraft Spruce that can be used for both Nav and Com, (one for nav, one for com) Thoughts?
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    Paint a two tone on a composite

    I want to paint a two color scheme on my composite aircraft. My question is do people paint the wholle aircraft white and then paint the bottom half the darker color, or do they paint the whit etop part, and then mask it off and paint the bottom?
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    AIrcraft converted to Light Sport?

    Thanks Dana: That is the answer I got from Sonex too. Jim!
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    AIrcraft converted to Light Sport?

    That is my question. Is the certification process part of meeting LSA criteria?
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    AIrcraft converted to Light Sport?

    A friend has a Sonex that was not certified light sport. It falls within all the parameters of light sport, and with the right prop adjustment, flys at the right speed, (slower). My question is that if the aircraft was not certified light sport, can it be changed to LS after the fact?