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    One thing I have noticed is that I am not aware of a single accident that resulted in a fire. Probably much more survivable if you are knocked out, recover consciousness, and climb out than if you burn while you're unconscious.
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    This is my main concern. No liability insurance, no airport use. I could eat the hull loss.
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    another Autoflight gearbox failure - this time after 34 hrs

    UPDATE-- It turns out the machinist / mechanic who said the bearing was installed 15 thou off axis actually has never even opened the gearbox and looked inside. He's had it for 6 months now. I gather it's common in Aviation to have mechanics do this kind of thing, but I find it astounding. I...
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    PSRU rating adjustment for RPM?

    The new gearbox is designed to take up to 600hp and is "considerably heavier". So far only one has been produced and that plane has not flown yet. So truly "experimental."
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    PSRU rating adjustment for RPM?

    The LS3 430 makes 300hp at 4000 rpm. While you could spin the engine to 4750 without overspeeding the prop with the 1.9 gearbox, at WOT you'd have about 380hp. (Cruise is 12" MAP at 3000 rpm for 180 mph IAS at low altitude.)
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    PSRU rating adjustment for RPM?

    Would it be excess hp or torque that would lead to the gearbox failing unexpectedly, that is, the temperature is fine but the housing, a gear, or a shaft suddenly fails when the throttle is opened on takeoff? According to GM, at 4000 rpm the LS3 430 is putting out 300 hp, the max for the box...
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    PSRU rating adjustment for RPM?

    The Autoflight "small V8, 1.9 ratio" PSRU as used on most Titan T-51s powered by LS3s is rated at 300hp at 6000 rpm. What is it rated at at 4500 rpm? Is it a linear relationship, so 240hp? I gather it is the strength of each pulse that matters, so you have to adjust the rating downward for...
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    BW 350 PSRU Failure, please share the word!

    Am I correct in thinking the gyroscopic load problem would be related to the length of the PSRU, the distance between the input shaft and the prop mounting hub? So housing distortion in a long, thin box would be more of a problem than in a short, wide, box? Jim
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    Anyone have info on Jihostroj prop governor?

    My Titan T-51 has a Chevy LS3 engine, Autoflight PSRU, and Jihostroj governor. The governor shares oil with the PSRU rather than the engine. The governor started to stick because the PSRU had a bearing installed off center, so it disintegrated and filled the oil with metal debris. My question...
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    Reflections on the 2nd anniversary of my ownership of a T-51

    Unfortunately T-6s just don't do it for me. I understand why others like them, but round motors don't appeal to me and $500 per hour operating expenses are a bit much for me.
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    BF109 G4 scratch build 1/1 scale

    Seriously cool. If I had a museum I'd want one for sure.
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    Reflections on the 2nd anniversary of my ownership of a T-51

    * I only mention the money spent as a fact. If a potential customer has $170K to spend and doesn't care if the plane ever actually flies, then he won't be upset.
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    Reflections on the 2nd anniversary of my ownership of a T-51

    Just putting the word out so potential customers know what to expect. If someone has another airplane or two and is not paying hangar rent and insurance for this one, I suppose it's not an issue. But if you don't fly for a couple of years because of their errors and poor customer service its...
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    Looks like a Mustang?

    The current FWF is a GM LS3 430 or 480HP with the standard PSRU and 84" prop or a 480HP with a 90" prop and bigger PSRU.
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    Reflections on the 2nd anniversary of my ownership of a T-51

    REFLECTIONS ON THE OCCASION OF MY SECOND ANNIVERSARY WITH T-51 LADY ELAINE At the end of this month it will be 2 years since I purchased my Titan T-51 Lady Elaine, at which time it had been at the Titan hangar for 18 months undergoing the upgrade to the GM LS3 430 motor and “small” Autoflight...