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    iLevel interview on InTheHangar - AOA and ADSB now - More features coming

    A well done interview that displays devices for E-AB and Norsee implementation on GA aircraft. iLevil's BOM device is planned as a platform for an infrared camera for night flight safety enhancement. Also planned is a radar altimeter to measure height above water for amphibian aircraft...
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    New Optional Task-based Phase 1 Flight Test Program for E-AB

    Excerpt -- April 1, 2021 – After years of hard work and advocacy by EAA, the FAA has published draft guidance to implement an optional task-based Phase I program for Experimental Amateur-Built (E-AB) aircraft. Under the program, once an aircraft completes a flight test plan that meets FAA...
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    AVWEB article on the Future of E-AB

    A look ahead with commentary from EAA's Jack Pelton, Kitfox's John McBean, Zenith and Van's Aircraft management, etc. Also some thoughts on the new LSA's rules coming in early 2023.
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    Chip is making progress with the Merlin Lite

    I follow Bryan's channel on YouTube. This was his latest stop while in Florida. Dated MARCH 19th, last Friday.
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    Chip is making progress with the Merlin Lite

    Back to the subject of the Merlin Lite:
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    What Did You Do To Save General Aviation Today?

    This is the Pacific Island I was deemed "stranded on" by the young HBA flyer VB in one of our past exchanges. That is Cocos Island, in the lower left. Our local flight school out for fun. The south and east corner of Guam is our Practice Area. Pago Bay is ahead about due east of PGUM. I...
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    The lack of portability ( hi hangar costs ) killed ULs imop

    FROM LATEST KITPLANES WEEKLY Unfortunate oversight. However, clearly Badland Aircraft confirms Dan Johnson's comment (POST #9 in this thread) indicating FAR103 manufacturers are far from having been "killed". For those that don't know, Chris Deuel picked up the Kitfox Lite design and has...
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    The lack of portability ( hi hangar costs ) killed ULs imop

    Guess you may have missed Post #9 in this thread?
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    Polini Thor 303 coming soon

    Factory YT video... ZERO Details. Just a splash announcement to generate anticipation.
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    Six Subaru Powered Airplanes

    Gosh yes.... One such engine even had all of NINE miles on the odometer. Link just below. Damaged on the ship. Some have a few hundred. Buyers can see photos of the vehicle. Or buy a brand new Honda if they want to pay extra. Buying a newly assembled engine does have risks...
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    So I though I would buy some books from the EAA.... silly me

    I exchanged emails with those membership folks who tried to get me to reverse my membership cancellation. I explained how several times my inquiries, on what were for me reasonably important matters, not frivolous or time wasting issues, were just ghosted. No reply. No interest. Happened...
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    KOLB Mark III Project - Phoenix AZ $8500

    Chas7711... look at the OP #1 post just before yours. There is a link there with this all caps statement.... "AIRFRAME / DETAILS ON MODIFICATIONS / COMPLETE PHOTOS at this link". There are 18 photos shown in a zip file at that other thread. That thread also has some good feedback on what...
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    KOLB Mark III Project - Phoenix AZ $8500

    My profuse apologies. Seems so many years "stranded on a Pacific Island" has led to me suffering from serious loss of social skills. Happy B'Day.
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    Just Aircraft 103 Solo?

    Pretty Clear for those who read the article from Dan Johnson just posted. “Our 103 Solo is manufactured by Top Rudder Aircraft LLC, not Just Aircraft LLC,” explained associate Amy Minnich. (If her name sound familiar, her parents — Steve and Debbie Minnich — run Evektor dealership, Dreams Come...
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    Just Aircraft 103 Solo?

    My thoughts exactly. Merlin Lite Part 103 is even more. With the coming changes for Light Sport aircraft, there should be lots of options in this price range. I hope there is a buyer's market in LSA soon. BUT, that said, for some the lack of FAA oversight for Part 103 is worth the...