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  • I was just reading about your thread from 2006 re: Leather Disk sandwich shock absorber. Dr.D was always very impressed with this detail and showed it to me one afternood when i was visiting (i'm friends with his daughter). it was cool! Any ornithopter action these days?

    I'm also working on a small amphibian (flying boat). i have decided on a Fournier style Mono wheel/outrigger with a steerable nose wheel. i came across your drawing (looked familiar) when looking for suspension threads.

    Would love to see/compare your concept some time.

    Hi Craig,

    Thanks for asking. I've put that design away a while back and have went through a few more since then. The little flying boat is still something I want to pursue one day as I never seem to lose complete interest in it. Personally I think it would be a whole lotta fun. There are some design challenges relating to the propulsion system. I was flip flopping between a fuselage mounted engine driving two remote props (this would be a bit safer, but have cooling and vibration issues to consider) or two smaller engines mounted on the pylons (simple installation, but have to consider one engine inoperative case).


    I just found your thread on the flying boat twin you were working on. Nice looking airplane. Did anything ever become of it?
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