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    Electric Self Launch Options

    To reply to the question.. a proper 20kw to takeoff an ulm or real glider is around 4k and 1.5 for the controller. You can get a ctrl way cheaper with no function and no monitoring for 500 and weight about 4time the previous one. It will also drain the batt pack like crazy. Overall you will not...
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    Electric Self Launch Options

    I did see a 2-33 drop right at the flight line table, in order to not go walking it back. But the drop stall was about at 25ft high. Wing flex and jump / touch the ground 2 times, but tire was ok and we just continue right as nothing happen. true tank. Altho.. 21:1 and not 22.
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    Scale ME-262

    asw27 with 2 jet engine fly just perfectly. No problem in that.. it's just perhaps the regulation and paperwork to do. But you can fly as you want for sure. Just the low effective time before overhaul the engine are very low.
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    Is wearing a personal chute with a bail-out system acceptably safe compared to an airframe chute?

    I'm quite young and it's quite hard just to enter the glider. So in panic, it's quite a joke. At 8kft .. perhaps.. but a crack can happen at 8k and the composite might much more debond much lower. Even at 500ft you will land quite safely. Galaxy , in CZ, where they are quite much more advance...
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    Long term integrety of Epoxy

    There<s a guy who build up a cozy and it<s all painted in black. Color don't matter at all. It's all about the mission. Do you want to exposed and be the only one.., fly just local. All will be fine. But of course, if you stay outside, in about 3yrs lot of real test with c-t scan will be the...
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    What do you think about "e-soaring"?

    The main and easy method to know is the asw27 with the 2 jet engines. No matter what type, at 131lbs you takeoff. And the asw27 is quite heavy by itself. Also, i<m not saying the glider will be efficient. But mission is takeoff to max 2k then glide back home. If flight line is empty and good...
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    What do you think about "e-soaring"?

    Indeed Martin, your bird is quite one of the best and i'm all in electric. I'm working for a duct fan project to fit a sailplane too. 3kw, plenty for the mission of going up 2 times for the day. Also, did you plan for any wing extension on the Phoenix ?
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    What do you think about "e-soaring"?

    The current tech give about 203w/kg, but there's about 6 different new tech in lab currently. Future will be good. But the concept of motorglider is the key here. Planning for cross country flight, just go with gaz. 1800w is way ahead of any batt and by the time you kill a brand new Rotax at...
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    Scale ME-262

    It's only the modern day that you cannot tell what is what. History is history and the french yesterday are the perfect example. On aviation, the german were the finest designer of all time and all design are all from that era. When no budget was the limit. But indeed, making a small 80% replica...
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    What do you think about "e-soaring"?

    hehe Did the same in a Sinus as to land and full taxi up to the spot. Can you also land, very slow in calm day, with the tail wheel touching first ?
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    Are experimental EFIS really overpriced? (break-off from another thread)

    Just look at the faa manual let say, and look at minimum requirement or even during war.. and the start of aviation. No need of electronic. if people feel save having a ipad or any igarbage.. well it's different, but putting something to play candy crush in a plane and lose reading because a bug...
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    It's a special time for revolutionary part 103 ultralight designs in Carbon Fiber… especially UL motorgliders….

    Motor power rating is the same definition. A 90hp rotax can be burn if run at max throttle for long period. The stamp and selling of the motor is 90hp. So a 20kw is a 20kw. You can try to bypass, but be legal is different. But yeah, a paramotor is quite different with no cockpit and no nothing...
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    It's a special time for revolutionary part 103 ultralight designs in Carbon Fiber… especially UL motorgliders….

    Don't think too much about the motor. IF you plan on a 10kw.. it's way too small anyway. 10kw is to be run at 96%, so max power is less than 10kw, at mostly max 1min. So 7kw will be ended as usable and 7kw is not enought to sustain. If it's something like fabric and ultralight.. different, but...
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    Are tube spars an insult to the engineering community?

    Just to point also.. Tube spar are nothing new and quite old. Many plane did flew without issues and all design by true engineer at the time of the war. No inovation except re-using the same old tech.
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    Pipistrel is selling the Alpha Electric's electric propulsion system for around 27,000 Euro (~$29,000)

    People who need to say they have a green mind or green everything is the perfect kit. For the rest, that 1hr will be 40min and not at the end... more a log scale decreased. So you end up changer for a new kit way before the 1000 charge life cycle. For that price we run fine a 912 for over 3k hr...