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    Forward Spar question

    You can get someone to weld the spot then make a mandrel to pull through the pipe to pop the dent and weld spot out. Then sand smooth and finally heat treat.
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    Homemade CNC router?

    That's awesome! You must be so proud and excited.
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    Another 320 crash landed at Halifax

    I think that should buff out...
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    New two-stroke diesel engine concept

    One anti lag tune device is dump raw fuel in the exhaust and it ignites on contact. The expanding gas keeps the turbo spinning.
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    Nice plane. What is the larger fuselage hanging to the left of it?
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    HF Vacuum Pumps

    I have used mine over a year and it's going strong.
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    Bill "Orion' Husa's Privateer design on AOPA

    Thanks for the update! I'm sure glad that the design is moving forward.I sure miss Orion and his awesome informative post's.
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    Man I can't catch a break....

    Could you stuff any cracks to cut air infiltration? When I lived in Montana I stuffed any cracks in my garage with plastic grocery store. Then I used silver foil tape on the back side.
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    Man I can't catch a break....

    I know the feeling. It's 78 here and I might have to get a sweat shirt out tonight. J/k I hope it gets better for you.
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    lycoming 0320 e2d

    Dead blow hammer... Just a couple of light raps
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    Making Re-Usable Molds wtih CNC Machined Foam and Stretchelon Bagging Film

    Bobcam not to bad but get ready for them to call you 1 or 2 a day and hundreds of emails.
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    Eureka CNC ... has anyone used their products??

    There still in business and supply a lot of canard guys wings and canard's. It is a great deal. I have talked to 3 people that have used them and nothing but praise for them.
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    Bugger, bugger, bugger.

    I have had the fun of the same thing happening to me. I sorry to hear that.