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    replica's other than p-51 p-40

    Willy told me about the last stages of the war (when most ground personnel had been sent off to fight the Red Army) having to start his 109 alone before climbing to engage allied fighters so the FW-190s could get at the bombers. Working in the snow, sure would have warmed him up; the flywheel...
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    Seat foam

    instead of expecting the foam to conform to your butte, why not mould the seat shape to your backside? That way, during an accident, you have a firm support for the base of you spine. I sat in a gravel pile, wriggled until comfortable, lined the depression with plastic wrap, then poured...
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    Thoughts on an all metal Jodel D9, Falconar F10 or Druine Turbulent Derivative? For Taller pilots!

    Another advantage of the up-bend in the outer wings is the clearance in the event of a ground loop or side-slipping right down to the deck- both of which I have done.
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    Thoughts on an all metal Jodel D9, Falconar F10 or Druine Turbulent Derivative? For Taller pilots!

    Delemontez was probably not the first designer to say: ”add lightness”.
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    Thoughts on an all metal Jodel D9, Falconar F10 or Druine Turbulent Derivative? For Taller pilots!

    The Jodel Babe is robust little design, but stick to wood. I’m probable taller than you (1.92m) and fit comfortably in my D9… after extensive modifications. Laid seat back, raised turtledeck, moved firewall forward, etc. The little Jodel is now 60kg heavier than standard, but also has a much...
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    Trailer Design - Resources?

    Topaz there are some excellent ideas in your thread; I built my aircraft carrier to suit the aeroplane, so didn’t have the flexibility you seem to enjoy. A few things I learned: No matter how careful your design or your driving, your plane will get knocked about, especially during loading. Use...
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    replica's other than p-51 p-40

    I have a partly-built Mitsubishi A6M hanging up in my shed. My favorite historic aircraft as a kid, the Zero was so superior to Allied opponents of its time, it’s said that without it Japan would never have attacked Britain and the US. Years ago I decided a 75% replica would be a viable...
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    Rescue equipment

    Great discussion! A very robust, compact and light signal mirror is a CD- and it even has a hole for sighting thru! Just keep it in its jacket to protect it from damage in storage. One drawback of wearing a bulky vest is the chance it would hinder your escape from a pranged cockpit. I carry my...
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    Engine positioning

    One aspect often overlooked is the need to offset the engine slightly to one side to counter thrust torque caused by the prop’s direction of rotation. One way is to allow at least 10mm adjustment on the engine mounts.
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    Optimizing fairings for local airflow

    Not everyone wants more speed; with the extra power I’ve given it, my little Baby already cruises close to VNE. How far will it glide if the noise stops? That’s a better reason to streamline your aircraft. I spent a couple of months building fairings around my fat 6" tyres. I never...
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    Correct glue for Lexan windshield

    A very useful discussion: one aspect of lexan (polycarbonate) not mentioned is that it’s hygroscopic- it absorbs moisture, so any efforts to heat-form it must be preceded by a thorough drying-out process. I discovered this the hard way when gently heating my screen; it suddenly turned milky and...
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    Trailerable Single Seater

    Thanks George; I’m in Quirindi- no further geographic information required because there’s only one Quirindi on the planet. Good point, HW. My aircraft carrier took a couple of years to build, but enabled me to quickly set up to fly each weekend. Worth the effort. I actually built most of the...
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    Trailerable Single Seater

    Impressive, beautifully-built little aeroplane! My own trailerable single seater is a bit different; the fuselage folds around over the one-piece wing and no controls are disconnected. I have assembled it off the carrier in 18 minutes, but half an hour is a more sensible time. This is what it...
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    wood single surface wings

    The upper surface cops a lots of forces. Unless you get the fabric very tight, it billows and even has surfaces waves.
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    Slotted flaps, am I on the right track?

    Been there, done those design drawings, FF. After studying lots of different flap installations (including at Taree airport) I decided to base my flaps on Jabirus’s. Their offset hinges create a gap of about 10mm when fully open, so I presumed that would feed sufficient air over the leading edge...