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My dad taught me to fly in his rag wing tandem 39 years ago. I was educated and have continuously worked in a field where 90% of the "guys" are literally guys. They take good care of me -- it's like having a dozen older brothers. My idea of "style" is a 1942 Women's Auxiliary Ferrying Squadron (WAFS) uniform. A good time is landing at a sod field with other rag wings all around and the grill already fired up. My favorite books are T.O. No. 01-140DA-3 (10/30/43), T.O. No. 01-145LA-2 (10/25/43), T.O. No. 02-40BA-1 (12/15/42), T.O. No. 02-40BA-2 (8/1/42), AN 01-140DA-1 (9/8/49), AN 01-140DC-1 (9/5/43), AN 01-145LA-1 (10/25/44), AN )1-135Da-2 (10/1/1944), AN 01-135DA-3 (2/15/1944), and AN 01-135DA-1 (10/25/44).
Aug 15, 1966 (Age: 55)
Current / Future projects
Current: Experimental Category O-58/L-3/TC-65 built from T.O. No. 01-145LA-2
Future: an Experimental Category L-2
Past Projects
Experimental Category O-59/L-4/J-3-65 built from T.O. No. 01-140DA-3, and a Standard Category O-57/L-2/DCO-65


Lisa W