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    First glider flight today

    Cool pics and write up of the gliding experience. It's something I've been thinking about doing for some time, but haven't had the joy of experiencing yet. Maybe someday.
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    some pics of my Vair conversion

    That is one sweet looking engine you have there. One to be proud of for sure.
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    How I finished my open cockpit edge

    Sounds like a great idea. I'll have to keep that in mind. As of now, my plans are for a Pietenpol, which I'd likely trim out in leather, but the tubing is a definite idea to keep in the 'ol idea bank.
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    Who's going to OSH?

    I'll be there, hopefully a few days. I plan to spend some time volunteering at the seaplane base as well as spending time on the grounds. Great time to be had for sure. Hope the weather is nice. If the weather patterns stay as they have as of late, should be really nice.
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    workshop update

    Why would someone waste all that nice space on a mother-in-law?:gig:
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    Fastest STOL homebuilt?

    I've also been pondering the Bearhawk kits. The price seems very reasonable and their ability appears quite good. Not that I've made a final decision as there are so many out there, but it's definitely in the running. Worth a look!
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    Walleye Fishing

    Yeah, it's pretty cool. And it sort of happened by accident. I came to GB for a job, and have gotten into flying since then. Very nice coincidence. And I'm ony a couple miles from Austin Strauble International, my home field. See some pretty neat planes coming and going.:ban:
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    TIP - Homemade Clamps

    These look like super useful clamps. I'll be making some this week! Great idea and thanks.
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    Walleye Fishing

    I'll have to remember that one! Although I have to admit, the last few times I've been stopped/checked by DNR wardens, it has been an overall pleasant experience. Of course, it helps when your not doing anything wrong at the time!:p:
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    Thoughts on CAP Membership?

    Glad you brought this up. I've been thinking about this as well. I have to do some more research, but I'm pretty sure there is a squadron at my home airport.
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    My workshop

    Sounds like your workshop is coming right along. Hope your wire pulling through the conduit goes better than mine. I had further to go, but it's fun at any length. Make sure you use wire pulling lube, makes a big difference. Another thought might be to keep your phone cable outside the...
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    I'm an Addict

    Hey, of all the problems a fella could have, I'd gladly have that be my vice. Just remind your wife that it's better than looking at other ladies!
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    Well now I've gone and done it

    Neat plane and good luck with your build. I'm still trying to decide which to tackle. Hopefully soon!
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    Bit more pilot humor

    Some very interesting ways to look at military flight prep!:gig: