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    Arlington 2013

    I will be there with chapter EAA 84. working on a few homebuilts. My Minimax will be sitting on the flight line. Im still working on my 2 seater version of the minimax. see drawing. should have it finished this fall sometime.
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    Dimantling ribs !

    same question as PTairco. If you mean the gussets, they need to be well bonded. If epoxy was used you can use heat(from a hair dryer, not a torch) to soften the epoxy and redo the joint. It is crucial that the gussets be well bonded. they dont have to look pretty and the epoxy can span gaps of...
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    Blue Max oil

    Ive used Blue max oil at 100 to 1 ratio for 6 years. My hirth 2702 runs great, no wear in the cylinder walls and it has absolutely no carbon build up. Im a convert.
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    Experimetal H7

    typically the wing incidence angle is a few degrees more than the tail horizontal stabilizer.( this is very important because you dont want the tail to stall first.) It is hard to see the picture but the angle of the wing seems a little high. the wing should be close to parallel to the ground...
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    I will miss Orion!!!

    I did not mean to be disrespectful. However our EAA chapter which is right next door to Orions office and shops did not hear about his passing till last week. I am not on line that often and its easy to miss posts. We heard about his passing because his business partner contacted us to let us...
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    I will miss Orion!!!

    for all of you who have appreciated Orion's contribution to this forum: I have sad news of his passing last month due to an illness with cancer. I am a member of EAA 84 which meets at Harvey airport in snohomish ,Washington. He had a shop/lab/office at the airport where he did a lot of design...
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    Rotax cog belt

    I have an Aerotwin aircraft engine ( 2 cylinder ,4 cycle, 65 HP) I purchased it 4 years ago. It has been through 4 different designs for a reduction gear( by the factory). The power pulses kept tearing the gears apart, also cog belts). the final design involved adding a flywheel and a...
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    Rooftop Flap Testing Device

    I did a limited test to find out the loads on the torque tube, and loads on the linkage to the hand lever. I used the actual flap and mounted it on the bracket, and had my wife drive me down the freeway at 60 MPH. I got all the results I needed from this test. Since I was only interested in...
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    Minimum plywood skin thickness

    I used 1.6 MM Finnish( from Finland) Birch for the top of my wing. it is very strong. the only problem I had /have is that with a spacing of 14 inches between ribs there is waviness in the plywood betwwen the ribs ( which is affected by moisture). If I had to do it over I would space the ribs...
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    My website for my project.

    I was curious about the stall speed. It seems pretty low. Also when i tried to figure out the stall speed based on given wing area I believe your wing area is given incorrectly. How hard is it to start a web page on Wix? Jacq
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    21st century Volksplane?

    Well: this is my answer to the problem: I started with a design that was 1. Easy to build ( wood and fabric, although I used plywood for the top of the wing to get a better airfoil) 800 hrs total I am 90 % complete at 700 hrs. 2. Low stall 35 MPH 3. Vw or equivalent powerplant 4. 600-800 fpm...
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    Sorry about not getting back to you, but I dont look at my message board very often. I am in the...

    Sorry about not getting back to you, but I dont look at my message board very often. I am in the final stages of cosntruction. Should be painting in a month. Will post pictures then. The airfoil I used is a gottingen 324. It has the highest Cl of almost all airfoils, but at the penalty of...
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    Bending Plywood for Leading Edge

    this is how I bend my 1.6 MM Skins. I used a sponge to wet the outside and a torch heating the interior of the steel tube. 1.6 MM Finnish birch ( Available Locally here in the USA) is incredibly strong, I could tap it with a hammer and it would just bounce off. Dont know why you would need...
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    Completing someone elses project - certification rules

    if its registered as an experimental, then you can do the annuals yourself even though you are not the original builder. However you will need to complete a 16 hr training which i believe is given by the FAA. Look up under FAA or EAA. You might even be able to repair the aircraft under that...
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    Wing Design for Flaperons

    This is the way i found out about flap forces on my new design. I had about 20 lbs of force at 2ft of handle at 60 MPH, deflected 45 Degrees ( or 40 ft-lbs of torque). That is quite a bit of force ( one flap only). I fly a minimax (See avatar) with full lenght flaperons and my roll rate is...