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  • I would love to have a conversation or two. 425 495 7946 voice or text, Grant Smith.

    round spars
    flying wings
    pitch stability and CG range
    your choice
    HI Norman!

    I am new to the forum, and new to aviation all together. I have really enjoyed all the different posts and pieces of information that have been great to soak up.

    I spent years as a mechanic through high school and college to pay for school, and after that spent one college summer working and repairing airplanes at a hanger. I have a technical background.

    I was wondering if someday I could message you with some ideas that I have been mulling over. I am designing and building a 3d printer and hopefully a small wind tunnel unit to build and test out some of my ideas. After that, I would build an RC model to test.

    I would love to get your perspective. You would be under no obligation to respond super fast. I know you're busy.

    Anyway, I have enjoyed your posts, and your feedback to some of my threads even.

    Safe flying !!

    Oh, don't worry, it won't be. A few words and some links at best. In fact you could find most of it with the <likes received> and <likes given> buttons to the left of this message. You can also find a lot of FW information in my attachments on RCG
    I hate writing too, I would do it all in mathematical shorthand if I could...
    No rush, mate. Thanks a bunch for chiming in but please don't feel like you need to put out a literary masterpiece.
    Norman...I think I recognize you from RCGroups. I have seen your avatar before.
    My name/avatar in RCG is the same as here, if you remember me at all. I don't think we talked much.
    Hello Norman

    Nice to see you after a while, Do you have any idea what dia bolts are used to hold the wing strut for two seat ultralight airplanes...

    Ya u got my point Norman, I am deeply concerned about the flimsy looking structural members of the X air Falcon an AN-4 bolt which is only 6mm in diameter is used hold the wing strut, am totally scared at the structural integrity of this plane. Do u know any one who owns an Indian built X air-Falcon.
    Nice to hear from you Norman, I've flown in an X-Air Falcon in a near by ultralight flying school, then I analysed the bolt sizes and the fastenings, then was shocked they are prity **** light for its strength requirements, Was planing to buy an X-Air but worried wether the plane will be strong enough to fly for years to gether while pushing it to high G's often, can u help me have a better understanding on this please.
    Okay, do u build airplanes or fly them or both, I am fresh to this, Am just an aeronautcal engineer working in airbus, wanna build and fly my own plane, will you be able to help me??
    Hey Norman.

    Do you use sims? Which ones? Come across any constant chord plank models? No twist, no dihedral.

    Fly right,

    Nicholas Cafarelli

    Thanks for the friend invite. Happy to accept, glad to call you a friend.:)

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