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    Old flying club info.

    Were any members on this forum members of the "Norfolk Navy Flying Club"? If so please contact me.
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    Wanted Ch640 plans

    Suggest you look at the Zenith Forum board. Discussion Forum
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    P-51 Drawings

    I agree with Lex about AirCorps. Become a member for a few dollars a month and down load the plans. There are a lot of sheets in the plans set!
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    Inexpensive solo cross-country machines?

    Good luck with getting the plans. Also, my understanding is the AC develops lift from the fuselage, and any alterations would negate that lift. If you look at the side view of the AC you can see airfoil shape.
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    Want to learn, looking for plans.

    Have you looked at this Facebook group? Facebook Groups Have a look in the files section.
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    Light weight diesel auto conversion

    Here is the Facebook page: Security Check Required
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    How to transfer 1: 1 drawings from paper to wood?

    Has Bart Verhees changed his mind? I had contacted him when the D-2 first flew, and asked about cutting files and plans. He told me only a kit would be available.
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    Hadn't been on HBA for some time. Do you still have the items for sale? If so refresh my memory...

    Hadn't been on HBA for some time. Do you still have the items for sale? If so refresh my memory on what you have.
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    Aluminum Rivets per lb, rivet gun for sale

    You still have? How much for all?
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    Blueprints for P-40 Warhawk

    First, you have to be a member to see the prints in detail. I downloaded the Howard prints some years back, and they very detail and clear.
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    Blueprints for P-40 Warhawk

    If you want the original manufacturing plans for the P-40, and other aircraft, join for $5.00 per month, and you can download them.
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    MFI-9HB Junior Plans Wanted

    I have a so called set of plans, I got off of Ebay. Give me a call 252-671-1567
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    final design step

    I've worked out my stress, flight diagrams, and needed data for an aircraft design. I've chosen aluminum as my build material. My question is, what are good reference material books, and articles to choose, and size the aluminum, rivets, and attaching devises?
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    For Sale Durand MK V project for sale $800

    Did you sell your project? You can reach me at
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    Wanted wanted single seat project

    Another idea, you may want too look at Sonex, and the Onex.